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Ask me questions about Tyrus
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 01:40 AM (169 Views)
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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
Hello everyone.

Tyrus is a big place, and we could update many things, ranging from the history of the world, the NPC's that populate it, the ins and outs of the cities, or even the weather patterns. :P

Tyrus is also a world made by real people, we have reasons for what we do, and we also make mistakes.

So, the purpose of this thread is to give you all a chance to ask questions about Tyrus, either in game features of the world, or even 'out of game' questions about the making of the world. By seeing what questions are the most common, we can see what players actually want to see being updated.

In particular, I am interested in questions about the fluff of Tyrus that people are interested in, so we know what to write up. Also, please feel free to say my answer is crap, or needs to be clarified, etc, I want you to be happy with the answer.

Some questions I thought of that people might ask;
1) Why doesn't X NPC just do it themselves?
Most of the NPC's used by DM's that are allied to Tyrus are not as powerful as adventurers. If it takes 5 adventurers to complete the task, what hope does one person without the fighting skill or experience of adventurers have. There a very few NPC's that are as powerful as the adventurers. (Rydia for example.) However, this again goes back to the fact that adventurers operate in parties, by themselves, the NPC would still not stand a chance.

Anyone that also played 3.5 Tyrus would remember the NPC's were sometimes very powerful. For 4ed we deliberately changed this so that the adventurers (and rightly so) would be the most important people in the world.

2) Why don't these powerful NPC's then travel with the PCs to help them if they are of a similar power?
Well, they have jobs, simply enough. They are incredible busy, and simple cannot afford to disappear for three days or so to explore an ancient ruin.

3) Why is Rydia, a powerful caster of some sorts, in charge of a library?
She is not in charge of any old library, but the National Library of Tyrus. In addition to being libraries of normal knowledge, powerful and dangerous magical knowledge and artefacts are kept. Each branch of the National Library is also built on an intersection of ley-lines that need to be protected. Simply put, she's also a guardian of dangerous magical lore, not just a mere librarian. The decision for powerful guardians at the branches of the National Library of Tyrus was decided after Aramil of Dai Theynor managed to steal many powerful artefacts. She also may or may not have a choice in her current location.

4)Why does the Adventurer's Guild seem to have limitless funds?
It doesn't, the guild more acts to, redistribute money, not hand it out for free. Adventurer's in the course of their missions, find many magic items, magnificent gems, etc. Any form of wealth found in an adventure is surrendered to the guild. The guild then rewards the wealth acquired to each adventurer equally. This is so that from adventure to adventure, one adventurer that may find nothing one time, because he is responsible for a diplomatic mission, then the next find untold fortunes in an ancient lair, gets a constant stream of income, instead of random lump sum payments.

5) What is 'Tyrus', is it the name of the world, or the continent?
It's both. The world itself is called Tyrus, but the main continent played on is also Tyrus. There are other continents in the world. For anyone interested, the ancient draconic word for the continent (but not the world) was Govannon.

6) Teleportation Circles?
Each of the major cities in Tyrus are connected to each other by teleportation circles, allowing instantaneous transport to any of the major cities of Tyrus, from any other major city. Adventurers may use these teleportation circles free of charge.

7) Dai Theynor or Dei Theynor, and what's with that forest?
Although I frequently get this wrong, it is meant to Dai Theynor. As for the forest, though common human folk may refer to the forest that surrounds Dai Theynor as Dai Theynor Forest, its real name is Thornhelm Forest. Please note that just because this is the only forest on the map, does not mean it is the only forest, just that Thornhelm Forest is the largest and most magical forest in Tyrus, and home too many creatures and races. (Thornhelm Forest is also historically important for the development of Mercuran and the allying of the major cities to form Tyrus as it is today.)

8 ) H-Hey?! Where did that NPC get that power from?
NPC's in 4ed follow many of the rules that monsters do, so, in some cases have abilities that no player could ever have, because they are based off something in the Monster Manuals. In other cases, many NPC's are from 3.5 Tyrus, and no current rules accurately converts them, so in some way run as 3.5 classes.

9) Why doesn’t Tyrus have its own gods instead of using the standards?
Well, because it's a basic D&D setting, not a set of game rules, why not have the standard gods? Also, if we don't have the standard gods, well, why have the standard races, the standard classes, etc.

Also because everyone that owns the players handbook knows about the standard gods, and even for standard gods, they have a rich history and are interesting. It's also because gods cannot interact with the material world, while they are interesting; ultimately they are not that important. Also because several feats are based on different gods, to preserve the feats, in the end we would just make gods that were the same as the existing gods but with different names and slightly different personality. If we made our own feats, we are denying players options in books which they paid for.
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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
Feel free to ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Here are three more for now though.

10) No seriously, what is up with Tyrus vs. Govannon?
Tyrus is the name of the world, but thanks to some rather unfortunately translations of ancient texts as well as the wards that cut off the continent of Govannon from the rest of the world, the citizens ended up calling themselves Tyrusian's. Which while accurate in a strict sense is maybe a bit arrogant. Anyone that spends significant time in other country while will still refer to the empire as the Tyrusian Empire will call the continent with the Imperial City and heart of the empire Govannon.

11) Rydia is blind but a Librarian?
She can read/process information through a form of 'arcane brail'. She points out it's similar to how many seers are blind, but can still 'see' the future just fine, or even gain vision when using various magic to pierce illusions and find the truth.

12) National Library of Tyrus holds dangerous item in major cities?
This is more a case of the most powerful vaults being built on major ley-line intersections...but cities also springing up near them because they're fonts of life. The whole being a Library is really a front/secondary function, the primary function is to tap into and use the stored energy so it doesn't go wild. At the Imperial City branch one of the ways to harness that energy and use it up is to make the building larger on the inside than out, but many assume that's what all the excess energy is spent on. In reality that is but a fraction as what wells up and the majority is invested into wards and sigils to create vaults for items.
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