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The Rydia Lockhart Report; Summary of my Adventures (WIP)
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 02:29 AM (243 Views)
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This topic will serve as a summary of all the adventures I have DM'ed, as well as provide information leading to the events that take place in the adventures. Hopefully it will also clarify certain story elements that may not be clear.

Below is written a report on the endeavours the library or adventurers it has hired have under gone, from the time Sarathai was charged of finding the wards of Tyrus, to the present. They are written by Rydia Lockhart, Head Librarian of the Imperial City Branch of the National Library of Tyrus, sister of Sarathai Lockhart, Head Librarian of the National Library of Tyrus, and Arcane Magic Adviser to the Emperor Josef Derillion. The recount to best of her abilities is correct and true.

(Before the Adventure Retrieval)

Sarathai came back to the library fuming, muttering things like "Sure, why not, that will be heaps easy, let’s bring a dragon to Tyrus while we're at it!!" It had been three months since Josef was put into power, and Sarathai made his adviser. Various things were still being sorted out from after the war, even though it was nearly 30 years ago, and the death of Dante. One of the things that had managed to become lost and forgotten in the after war clean up, and then the declining health of Dante was the Wards of Tyrus. It was known that Tyrus was warded, and that they provided some sort of protection. They were constructed by Tyrsom, who was unfortunately killed in the closing days of the war. He never did reveal the final locations and true powers of the wards, and the vast majority of his notes were destroyed when his mansion was destroyed by Caiphon, the Dream Whisper. Josef did not like the idea of not knowing what these ward did and where they were, and so that was Sarathai's job, the one causing him to fume, find the location of the wards of Tyrus, and discover there functions.

Over the next three months, Sarathai worked diligently on his task. By scouring all the branches of the National Library of Tyrus for information, in addition to magical investigation and experimentation, the ward were discovered to be powered by channelling ley-lines, which Tyrus seems to have an unusual number of, into 4 gemstone obelisks. The functions of the ward was also easy to work out, however, whether they are the complete function Sarathai cannot say for certain. The locations however, were not going as well. While the ward in Skyreach was easy to find, and it provided a solid foundation for investigating the other wards, the other 3 remained hidden. Surviving pieces of Tyrsom's work suggested one of the wards is located in the Imperial City, and another in Thornhelm forest, but neither could not be found. Weakening in the barrier between the Shadowfell and this plane, as well as notes from Tyrsom, suggest the last ward was damaged and provided an area to search, but again nothing was found.

Sarathai was ready to give up, when Ivellios, possible the most famous alchemist in all of Tyrus, and recently the new head librarian at the Archelaus branch of the National Library of Tyrus, claimed he had an idea. He was working in Skyreach, trying to make an alchemical stone, similar to a thunder stone, but, he wanted to make it release a powerful gust of wind, either to distract foes, or slow ones descent while falling. While he never made such an item, he did make a stone purely on accident that seemed to react strongly to the presence of the ward in Skyreach. With a little refining, Ivellios created a ritual that would infuse a stone with power, that allowed it to react to the presence of a ward, and in addition when pressed against the obelisk powering the ward, took an imprint of the magic, allowing for further study. However the ritual and the rather rare components to cast the ritual were stolen before Ivellios could complete it and send it to Sarathai. With the ritual stolen, Sarathai was afraid he was back to square one, the library lacking the man power to also investigate the matter in addition to the other tasks the library was undertaking, though I suggested to him perhaps we should look at hiring adventurers from the Tyrus Adventurers Guild to investigate for us. Somewhat reluctantly Sarathai agreed.

(Adventure Retrieval)
Watching the adventurers talk to Sarathai, something about them seemed, important. I couldn't put my finger on it though. Once they had left for Archelaus to meet with Ivellios, Sarathai seemed, less enthused, complaining that none of them had any real experience. Between you and me, that brother of mine needs to learn I'm ALWAYS right about these things. The adventurers returned in a timely manner and with them the completed stone, set inside a ring. However, what I was expecting to be a rather quick debriefing, took quite some time.

Their travel to Archelaus was for the most part uneventful, except for a quick fight with some wolves; while not particularly out of the ordinary, these wolves were described as being particularly vicious, an almost unnatural glint in their eyes.

With more pressing matters at hand, the adventurers continued onto Archelaus. They meet up with Ivellios at his house, finding his house by his almost trademark colourful smoke coming from his chimney.
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