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Kitsune; Fox like race
Topic Started: Jan 14 2012, 06:54 PM (211 Views)
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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
- Most races now have +2 to one stat, and then a choice of +2 to one of two stats.
- It probably won't matter, but, for purposes of interacting for races like Reverent perhaps, etc., the bonus to Will should be marked as Racial.
- For All Fours, there is no longer medium armour. Also, being able to avoid opportunity attacks...I can imagine melee rogues abusing this fact and moving at full speed around the battle field while avoiding every opportunity attack. The moving at full speed while crawling seems fine though.
- One problem with the whole mask thing overall, does it stop people from being able to gag you or blindfold you? If so, that should probably be mentioned as an actual ability, not tucked away in the physical description.
- Sure you don't want this to be of Fey (or otherwise not normal) Origin?

Otherwise, looks okay. I'm a bit iffy on Kitsune Dodge allowing it to also redirect the attack without say, spending a feat on the power, though it's probably okay as it is.

P.S Actually, after reading the wording closer, a few things on it;
- You should probably say the attack just hits someone else, the damage and effects bit might create awkward situations where a personal buff from the effect is now somehow transferred.
- The not adjacent to the triggering enemy seems...overly restrictive, particularly with what I want you to add next.
- The attack should still be legal against the enemy you redirect too, as in, a melee attack still needs to be within the triggering enemies reach.
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