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Topic Started: Jul 31 2012, 04:01 AM (205 Views)
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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
- Increase their hit die to d10 from d8.
- Increase their skill points to 6 + int mod per level.
- Totemist’s are proficient with natural attacks.
- The bonuses from Wild Empathy and Totem’s Protection are competence bonuses. At 12th level Totem’s Protection applies to spell-like abilities, and at 18th level applies to extraordinary abilities.
- Fast Movement (Ex): At 2nd level a Totemist gains Fast Movement as a Barbarian.
- Beast Lore (Ex): At 2nd level a totemist gains a +3 competence bonus to knowledge arcana checks made to identify magical beasts. This improves to +4 at 4th level and by another 1 every even level thereafter.
- Intuitive Knowledge (Ex): At 5th level a totemist may use her wisdom modifier instead of her intelligence modifier for Knowledge Nature Checks.
- Bonus Feat: At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, a Totemist gains a bonus Incarnum feat, or a general feat in MoI. She must meet the prerequisites as normal.
- Rebind Totem Soulmeld: Gain this ability at 4th level 1/day, and gain an additional use every 3 levels thereafter.
- Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A 3rd level Totemist gains Uncanny Dodge as a Rogue.
- Pounce (Ex): A 6th level Totemist gains pounce.
- Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): A 8th level Totemist gains Improved Uncanny Dodge as a Rogue.
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