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WE THE ARCHERS-ERRANT OF NATIONSTATES pursue native freedom and justice for its regional communities. Loyal and unswerving to its noble cause, we defend the native will from those who threaten its independence. A body of moral agents whose judgment is not corrupted by the collective interests of contributing regions but instead, governed by a higher body of intransient defender law. The United Defenders League emerges from the clouds of the interregional conscience –circling in anticipation of regional foray.

The United Defenders League is an idealistic defender organization managed at the individual as opposed to the superregional or regional level. What does this mean? It means as a defender organization we are not established formally as a defense pact between member-regions, nor are we any specific region’s military, but instead, we are a group of defenders uniting to pursue a shared cause to defend regions and secure justice and security in NationStates. Although historically, defender organizations have generally been superregional or regional, the United Defenders League is distinctly individual for several reasons: (1) Without member-region’s specific interests entangled with the decision-making of the United Defenders League, what is right and just is more clearly attainable without the moral murkiness of self-interest, (2) In a superregional organization, members are allied with the United Defenders League by regional affiliation and may not actively support defenderism – this bloats an organization with members who have no interest in, nor sympathy for defending, (3) Security pacts are essentially rendered valueless with defender idealism – in practical defenderism, the internal security of a region is partially tied to the military might and influence of its interregional allies, but defender idealists will intervene without the need of a ‘pact’ or any mutual interests. Therefore an idealistic defender superregional organization would be offering security to regions that they would receive anyway, which is basically short-changing member-regions.

There are three overarching ways in which you can participate further in the United Defenders League, (1) You can apply to become a Member, as a member you can actively defend and liberate regions, recruit new defenders and act as a diplomat on behalf of our institution, (2) You can apply as a Herald, which is essentially a diplomat. The United Defenders League establishes treaties with regions, customizable to what regions wish, these treaties may request allowances for posting on Regional Message Boards, World Factbook Entry advertisements or simply an exchange of updates. Because of the rules of NationStates, recruitment for individual-led organizations are limited basically to word-of-mouth outside of feeders, therefore all offerings of World Factbook Entry and Regional Message Board space is highly appreciated but not necessary for relations, and basically is charity for a good cause (*ALL REQUESTS FOR TREATIES ARE TO BE MADE HERE*), (3) You can apply as a Member of our Militia, so you can be contacted to assist if unusually large numbers are needed for a liberation of a region.

If none of these options suit you, and you wish to merely remain as an observer of our public forum, please follow this link and post a simple "welcome" thread for yourself and you will be masked as an observer shortly.

ADDITIONALLY: If you are a defender from a different military organization than the United Defenders League (e.g., TITO, FRA, E-Army) and wish to have access to the operational sector of our forums without becoming a member, please apply for Military Liaison masking.

Application Areas: Members | Heralds | Militia | Military Liaisons | Embassies

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Regular Forum Introductions & Orientation
Wish to participate with the United Defenders League in some fashion? Whether it be as a herald, a friendly supporter or a member... your first stop is this section.
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For Public Discussion, Notices and Invitations.
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Regular Forum Diplomacy
For the exchange of letters and diplomacy between the United Defenders League, its observers and its allies.

Heralds, click here to apply for embassies, programmes or other relations.

Click here to observe our embassies and chambers of diplomacy.

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Regular Forum The Naivetry Reference Library
Named after Naivetry, beloved defender, politician and scholar; The Naivetry Reference Library seeks to archive important documents, articles, essays, legal texts and other materials of historical value that can inform the public on the history of NationStates.
Moderated By: Kogvuron, FriarTuck, Principal Librarian
2004 NationStates Global Summit on Raiderp… Mar 28 2014, 09:28 AM, By GRO
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A cemetery for discarded sections.
Trick or Treat? Nov 1 2013, 03:09 PM, By 9002
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