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R-Type; the entire series
Topic Started: Jun 24 2012, 09:44 AM (5,256 Views)
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Naka the Honeywhite
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Blast off and defeat the evil Bydo empire!

R-Type is a series of side-scrolling (and very rarely vertically scrolling) shooters. Your goal as one of the Earth's fighters in this war, piloting a variation of the powerful R-9, is to defeat the evil Bydo empire. The Bydo are not a civilization as you would expect, but instead more of a corruption. They reach out and assimilate planets, expanding their empire, and they really don't like Earth.

Having studied the Bydo, we've managed to take a piece of indestructable Bydo flesh and turned it into the Force device, a powerful weapon of the R-9. Combined with its own arsenal, this fighter may well be Earth's last hope against the evil empire.

I've been playing the games in chronological order, as they do follow an official timeline, even when it doesn't seem like it. Granted we're almost done by the time I got around to making this topic, but I'll be revealing the last few lines as we get to them.

R-series playlist, containing all games in order

•2040: Spacecraft development project, titled "OF Project" started.
•2043: Spacecraft development project, titled "RX-Project", started and headed by Dr. Jim Client.
•2047: RX-Project modified; machine equipped with 12 rocket motors for stability, 4 motors added. RX-T1 skeleton completed, a simple machine designed for experiments and not equipped with armor.
•2048: RX-T1 improved, equipped with armor for test with Japanese spacecraft "Sakura".
•2048 (Image Fight): The first OF Fighter is completed, codename "Daedalus". After thoroughly tested in a simulator, it's deployed in real combat.
•2051: RX-T1, now formally named R-1A, begins practical use. "R" designation used because of the shape of the canopy (Round) and the original project name.
•2051 (Image Fight 2): A new OF Fighter, codenamed "Garuda" is completed. An unknown enemy attacks the Earth.
•2051: OF Project research continued, focusing development on the pod device. Once the ultimate green pod was developed the OF Project ended, focus turning to the RX Project.
•2055: New, standardized RX-T2 enters development.
•2063: R-1 class models, R-1A through R-1J, created by modifying minor parts.
•2065: With the unification of the MMU (Manned Mobile Unit) R-1 series production ceases.
•2067: R-2 series (RX-T2 base) enters use. The MMU becomes standardized.
•2075: R-twin engine developed. R-2 series ends with model R-2D. Production of R-3 series begins (units interchangeable due to MMU standardization).
•2083: R-3 models become ready for use, equipping twin engines gives this series high mobility.
•2088: Development of low output model Wave Cannon started.
•2098: Exploration spacecraft rolled out; it's development is based on a new theory.
•2102: "Forerunner", an exploration craft, begins maiden journey and is expected to return on June 27, 2120.
•2103: Compact R-engine successfully equipped to a ship. RS-3 E-Unit engine, a low output engine, completed.
•2104: R-4 series with E-Unit engine finished.
•2108: Low output Wave Cannon completed. Development begins on R-5 series spaceships.
•2112: "Forerunner" receives a signal from dimensional space of an unusual living body and energy signature.
•2115: R-5 series unit equipped with a low output Wave Cannon asteroid blaster. This craft was not provided for public use due to this special weapon.
•2120: "Forerunner" returns with a sample of the Bydo, a compact high-energy living organism. This organism was part of the Bydo Empire, which had assimilated an entire solar system. The Empire continued expanding, assimilating entire planets, on a direct course for Earth.
•2121: R series selected for missions against the Bydo.
•2122: Production of General Operation models halted with R-5F, due to increased weapons development.
•2123: Development begins on the experimental RX-6. Though pilot-less, it has a high-output Wave Cannon.
•2125: Compact, high-energy, organic weapons project started in a lab near Jupiter.
•2134: Contact with the project lab near Jupiter is lost. "Sky Hope" spacecraft investigates and finds 3 million meters of space missing. A Bydo fragment, itself a high-energy object with a diameter of 6 meters, is located in the missing space area that included the lab. This object is retrieved for study.
•2136: Experimental R-7 model, requiring a pilot and equipped with a high output Wave Cannon is introduced.
•2141: Succeeded in controlling the super-compact, high-energy Bydo fragment found in 2134, dubbed a Force.
•2143: An experiment combining the Force with the R-7 fails. Attaching the Force to the rear of the craft causes the regulator to overheat when the cannon is fired; this resulted in evaporation of the craft. Cause was determined to be insufficient power provided by the E-Unit engine. The Force was unharmed by the disaster.
•2144: Development of an "Artificial Force" begins.
•2147: Unmanned spacecraft RX-8 is finished. It's equipped with three Type 4 R-engines and 2 E-Units.
•2151: Results of RX-8 Wave Cannon experiment are a success. Force experiments were also completed.
•2153: Decided to develop RX-8 for pilots, resulting in the R-9 series.
•2154: High-output Wave Cannon finalized. These are 5.7 times more powerful than low-output units.
•2160: Though an overall success, Artificial Forces, dubbed Bit Devices, are still unstable.
•2162: Prototype R-9A Arrowhead completed, a highly mobile patrol unit with a low-output Wave Cannon.
•2163: (R-Type) Bydo Mission I begins. An R-9A Arrowhead squadron is assigned for the first space battle for the people of Earth.
•2163: (R-type Leo) Major, the bio-computer responsible for the operation of Project Eden, takes control over the defense systems and attacks humanity.
•2164: In January, an offensive weapon experiment using a cyber interface to receive signals from the pilot's nervous system is started.
•2164: In June, the "Seed of Bydo" event occurs. Prototype R-9A Arrowheads assist.
•2164: (Gallop) Autonomous vehicles, affected by Bydo mutation, start attacking Earth cities.
•2164: (R-type Delta) Bydo takes control of the orbiting annihilation platform, Moritz-G, and is subsequently unleashed upon the Earth.
•2165: (R-type II) Bydo Mission II starts after confirmation of Bydo regeneration is received. The R-9C War-Head is placed into active duty to exterminate this threat. The story of this mission is sometimes embellished.
•2167: (R-type command) Bydo attack confirmed in outer solar system. The R-9S Strike Bomber is deployed. A lone commander and his forces are sent to combat the Bydo threat.
•2169: (R-Type III) A Bydo mothership is confirmed which is said to carry the lost remnants of their civilization. The R-90 Ragnarok is deployed for this mission.
•2176: (R-Type Tactics II) An argument whether the Forces should still be used ends up becoming a civil war between two sides; one side using Bydo technology and the other side using non-Bydo technology. The Bydo Empire also make a return.
•2183: (R-Type Final) In an effort to finally stop the war, using every ship and model the Space Corps had ever produced, Operation "Last Dance" is initiated.
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Naka the Honeywhite
Also, R-Type Command/Tactics and Tactics 2 contained a fair amount of text, in the form of captain's logs, that gave a lot of insight into the Earth and the Bydo empire. A viewer has been gracious enough to transcribe the logs from Command, and I have them here for all of you. However, Tactics 2 being a Japanese-only game, I know very little about it, especially the captain's logs, so any help at all in getting information on those and translating it is really appreciated.

R-Type Command/Tactics captain's logs: Human path
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Naka the Honeywhite
R-Type Command/Tactics captain's logs: Bydo path
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I AM looking rather beautiful today.
Wow~ Research was done well!!!
Keep it up Naka!!
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VE's Master Swordsman
Wow. The history of R-Type is as elaborate as Halo's history.
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The transient dark dog
I feel like the story of R-Type is now to intelligent for me. So I'll just shoot things and try to study the story.
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Fairly sure I've given up.
Jun 24 2012, 07:49 PM
Wow. The history of R-Type is as elaborate as Halo's history.
So.. not that elaborate, then?

To be honest, most of it sounds a bit like 'oh, we need facts, so let's add a huge table of supposed revisions to the ship, and then come up with a contrived story'.

Yeah.. I applaud Naka's research, but it sounds like one big cliché.. then again, looking at the game genre, I'm not too suprised, I guess.
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It came to my knowledge that R-Type Command has a sequel. Where does Bitter Chocolate fit in during the timeline, anyway?
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The transient dark dog
I finally get it now after having my friends sit me down and explaining it to me. The bydo keep coming back.
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Yes, it exists.
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