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I have been, and remain, non-sequitur
For a straight high level port of a fully polygonal textured and lit 3D engine from the GBA to the 32X this is very impressive. I've seen Chilly Willy talk about what he thinks the engine could eventually be optimized to with assembly. Basically the sky's the limit with him, it's just a matter of how much low level optimizations and how much time one wants to take. I hope he spends more time working on a real Doom port personally.

I am uploading another video right now. Chilly Willy modified, well I'll just quote him:

"Here's a faster version of Yeti3D - I made one optimization to the polygon draw functions... I noticed in the dump that is was doing a call for a shift instead of just shifting; turns out it was doing a signed shift, which the SH2 only supports in one form - any other form has a call to a library that does the equivalent. That's bad news for the inner loop of a drawing function, so I changed the signed shift to an unsigned shift... no more calling the library in the middle of the loop.

This is why lower-end systems use hand-tuned assembly for these inner routines - there's no telling what a compiler will generate. Anywho, this version is STILL C code for everything, but slightly more optimal C.

Yeti3D-Faster build:

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