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Just to note, after Sonic Generations crawled on my HTPC even at 640x480 I decided to shop upgrades. The fastest processor available for my HTPC's Asus M2V motherboard is an Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.2Ghz. So I sniped one for $60 to replace my Athlon X2 4200+ 2.2 Ghz. It should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.

But I cleaned up my system and ran the latest revision of 3DMARK 06 for comparison. I expect a substantial increase in score to at least 10,000 points from the paltry 7,000 I'm getting now. I am also hoping that even if Sonic Generations won't run at a solid 30FPS that Arkham City stops chugging as often. AC is very playable and typically runs at 60FPS in fights, but tends to chug while flying around the city or trying Augmented Reality tests.
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