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So what is this place called anyway?
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F** Atari, (insert other company here) all the way! 0 (0%)
Polls suck, and so do you! 1 (33.3%)
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2,014 Tweets by 2014!

Posted by Belpowerslave (Admin) at Jan 1 2014, 12:06 AM. One comment


Starts on Dec 30th(a little bit above Whiskers clawing my leg)...


A history of launch titles...

Posted by Belpowerslave (Admin) at Oct 16 2013, 01:41 PM. 5 comments


Though not exactly 100% accurate(I'd love to see that "Tetris" they were talking about during the Genesis launch title lineup), it's incredible to see the original lineups. Man, the DC really whipped some ass...so many quality titles! Also, it's wild to see that a lot of my all-time favorite games were actually launch titles. Wild stuff.


Batman Arkham Origins

Posted by sheath (Admin) at Aug 27 2013, 05:06 PM. 6 comments

Okay, since I won't likely find anything else to play this Christmas this just made the top of my list. Sounds like they ditched Kevin Conroy though, that's a bummer.

Custom Cases for Retro Games!

Posted by Belpowerslave (Admin) at Jan 25 2012, 02:30 PM. 0 comments


I tried to find the old thread where Benstylus talked about doing this, but couldn't come up with it. At any rate, some of those cases look pretty hip! I still wouldn't mind having DVD-style cases for my Sega CD and Saturn games!


HD DVD Bluray Combo Drive

Posted by sheath (Admin) at Oct 20 2011, 10:13 PM. One comment

I finally broke down and bought an HD DVD Bluray combo drive for my HTPC this week. I bought two Superman HD DVDs over the years that just don't seem to work on my 360's HD DVD add-on, so I thought I'd test them before trying to sell them. Well, they don't work on this drive either, and they were brand new when I bought them. I have had this happen with an Ocean's Twelve HD DVD also.

So, bottom line, I can now place a Bluray disk in my drive and have it play, and even tested it on the special edition Dark Night disk today. I seem to have to use Power DVD from Cyber-whoozietwhatizcompany to play either HD disk formats and cannot continue to use XBMC for movie playing.

I just thought I'd ask the gurus around here if that was the case. Also, any other recommendations you all have would be much appreciated.

The Backloggery

Posted by sheath (Admin) at Sep 29 2011, 10:07 PM. One comment

I thought I'd mention this for those of you who, like me, have trouble finishing what you've purchased and started. The Backloggery makes it easy to track what you own and have not finished, it also includes a friend's system to keep you accountable.

Hello my name is 'sheath' and I am a quitter no more. ;)

Capcom, nothing but sequels

Posted by sheath (Admin) at May 9 2011, 05:51 AM. 11 comments

Straight from the horse's mouth.


The former head of development at Capcom has claimed that the publisher and developer previously instituted a de facto policy of nothing but sequels, which Keiji Infaune had to circumvent at the risk of his position.

According to a Famitsu.com report, translated by Andriasang, Inafune's revelations came from a lecture at a Japanese film school. There he revealed that at the end of the PlayStation 2 era of consoles Capcom had a rule that required that 70 to 80 per cent of new titles must be sequels.

Inafune claims that in practise, "any suggestion for a new title would not receive approval". This apparently included his original pitches for Lost Planet and Dead Rising, but Infaune ignored his management and continued developing the games despite their rejection.

He then purposefully exceeded the game's prototype budget, correctly assuming that management would believe that having spent so much money there was no choice but to continue development into a full product.

Both gamers were much more successful in the West than in Japan, but Inafune characterised the sales of 2 million copies overseas to 200,000 in Japan as the "correct" proportion.

In his last years and months with Capcom, Infaune's relationship with the company had become increasingly antagonistic - as he repeatedly criticised Capcom's own titles and the Japanese games industry in general.

After leaving Capcom he announced the founding of two new companies, although no new games have been announced thus far. However, as part of his lecture Inafune insisted that Japanese developers should be thinking more of the Asian, and particularly Chinese, markets - which may give a hint as to his future plans.

Need staff/help for game site.

Posted by lspear76 (Members) at Apr 6 2011, 02:51 AM. One comment

What's up guys...

This is a little early but I'm working on a video game auction/sales site. I've actually been working on it for over a year. Maybe 18 months. Yes, it takes me awhile.

I'm going to need some moderators, contributors, videos, maybe somebody to manage the video game database. Right now I don't know where the hell I'd get covers, upcs, of every game for every system. I would gladly feature whipassgaming's content, link back to this site, etc. Bel, you have the best videos. I would love a section of videos just with game endings. I'll have more details later, and a prototype to bug test and get feedback on. Right now I'm just interested in seeing if anyone here would be interested in helping get the site off the ground.

BTW -- it's going to be completely fee free. Listing and final value fees... $0. You can pay for a featured sale if you want, but the cost will be minimal and entirely up to the seller. The only other fees will be Paypal fees. The site will be supported by ads.

Vote Now! Smithsonian Game Art Exhibit

Posted by sheath (Admin) at Feb 15 2011, 08:44 AM. One comment

Okay people, it's time to rock the, er, whatever. If you care about any of the various eras of video gaming and think any of your experiences with gaming could be compared to art here is your chance to see that game properly appreciated! The Smithsonian is allowing us to decide which games go into "The Art of Video games Exhibit."


Vote, and then post what you voted for!

Adventure, Combat and Missile Command for Atari VCS
Whoa, they let you vote for 80 games, and have some seriously strange selections and genre listings.

Mortal Kombat

Posted by DarcSeven (Members) at Feb 10 2011, 04:47 PM. 8 comments

Okay, I figured I should just make a topic about the game since I keep posting random videos of Mortal Kombat in different places. I keep losing the stuff, so it's all going in here now.
Today's video: Liu Kang's Story Trailer+Fatality.

So awesome! *sheds manly tears ;_;*

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