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The shoutbox is not for support.

Trainz IRC Chatroom

Auran Trainz IRC Chatroom

The #Trainz chat is available thru two ways. Webchat here, or via an IRC client such as mIRC. Instructions for mIRC access is listed below.

The chat client is continually being updated to match our scheme. At times it may be hard to read various parts. We apologise in advance and are trying to get all these bugs fixed. Please post any issues regarding colors & readability here.

Mibbit IRC Chat Portal

IRC Chatroom Setup For Other Programs

People who are not familiar with IRC can read our extensive step by step Guide to using mIRC below. For those of you who are, here is the information you will need to get you started.

Joining the #trainz IRC Server

You need an IRC client that enables you to connect with our IRC server. One of the most popular clients that we recommend is mIRC. To join the IRC server use the following details: Server: irc.austchat.net Port: 6667 Channel: #trainz


Please note that the users with @ prefixing their usernames eg @Lance_Jago are moderators. Moderators or channel operators have the ability to kick and ban people from the server for inappropriate conduct such as the use of offensive language. The Trainz Forum Code of Conduct should be adhered to in the chat.

Internet Relay Chat or IRC is a great way to meet fellow Trainz users and a great place to find answers to a huge range of questions. Our chat room is well attended and maintains a G rating so everyone can join in. If you're a stranger to IRC, fear not! Use this How To Guide to get up and running in our chat room #Trainz utilizing mIRC. We find mIRC the easiest to set up and maintain for most new users, and all the instructions for setup are specifically directed towards mIRC 6.3.

First, go to www.mirc.com/get.html and download mIRC from a mirror site near you. It is approximately 1.25MB. When mIRC has finished downloading, click on the mirc63.exe file to execute it. The mIRC v6.30 Installer window will open. Please read and comply with the instructions, then select Next.
Please read the license agreement prior to continuing with installation and when you are ready, click the Yes button to proceed or the No button to decline and exit out of installation.
If you wish to install mIRC to another path, please use the Browse button at this time, however, we have always found mIRC to perform well in its default location, so at this window you may simply accept the default settings and click on Install. If installation is successful (and we have yet to see one that was not ) the final installation window will appear and give you the opportunity to Read mIRC Help file and Launch mIRC.
Check the Launch mIRC box then click on Finish.
Two new windows will open at this stage. Click Continue on the top one.

--You can choose to register each time you open mIRC from now on. Please read about registering at mIRC --

Payment Notice: mIRC is more or less a freeware program, though the author of the program would appreciate it if the user registered ($20 I think) as a donation. After 30 days the "trial period" ends though one can continue using it, but as said above, the author would appreciate it if you registered.

Now a new top window will open called mIRC Options. This is where you set up your automatic connections that make connecting to #Trainz a breeze.

On the left is the Category window. The Connect menu tree should be highlighted. If it isn't, highlight it.

Now highlight the Servers menu in the Connect menu tree.
Click on the Add button.
An Add Server box will appear
In the Description: box type Austchat
In the IRC Server: box type irc.austchat.net
In the Port(s): box type 6667 (if it is not already entered for you).
Leave the Groups: and Password: fields blank.
Click on Add and you should be returned to the mIRC Options window.

Note: After you hit Add it should not go back to the Option window, hit the Select button on the server window than select Connect from the tree on the left.

Enter you name in the Full Name Box
Enter your email address if you want to in the Email Address box. If not, copy in your name once more.
Next enter your Planet Auran Username in the Nickname box.
Then an alternative if you want. This can be your Planet Auran Username with a 2 on the end. It doesn't need to be vastly different.

Now highlight the Options menu in the Connect menu tree.
Leave Connect on startup deselected and have the remaining 5 checked (ticked).
In Default Port: type in 6667 if it is not already entered for you.
Now click on the Perform button.

We would like you to use your Planet Auran Username. This way you know who is in the room, and others may recognise you. You can set mIRC to automatically join you to the room and identify yourself. This way you don't have to do it every time you drop in for a chat.
In the Perform window check the box Enable perform on connect.
Network: should be set to All Networks.
In the Perform commands window you need 2 commands. They should look like this:
/NickServ IDENTIFY "your Planet Auran Password"
/join #trainz
Make absolutely certain that there is no blank space in front of the command /.
Please do not include your Password inside the quotes; just the Password on it's own.
Now click OK in the Perform window to close it.
Now click OK in the mIRC Options window to close it.

You should now be facing a blank white mIRC window.
Click on the yellow lightening bolt in the top left corner. The yellow lightening bolt should break in two.
You will see a window open and if all goes well another window will open in place of it and you will have joined #Trainz.

Now just type a greeting into the chat window at the bottom and press enter.

Welcome to #Trainz chat! Please feel free to join in.