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Forum Rules
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The Chamber of the Everchosen (COTEC) has always been an open, inviting and warm place where gamers from across the globe are able to come together to discuss the finer points of the Warriors of Chaos in Warhammer.

As a global community that has over 2,000 members we have a number of rules to ensure COTEC remains a friendly place to be part of and ask that all new and old members take the time to read over them. This is to let you know what is acceptable on this forum Ė but also, what you donít need to tolerate on the forums which may negatively affect your time here.

In any case the Administrators and Moderators are there to talk to should you have any kind of problems on COTEC.

General Guidelines

  • Always try to be civil and make posts that others want to read.
  • Make sure to post your threads in the right forum area, or in Off Topic if you cannot find the right area.
  • It is of course allowed to criticize work posted on the forums, but make sure that negative criticism is constructive and not insulting.
  • Donít try to get around the rules; you will not be able to hide behind loopholes or technicalities.
  • Remember that the people you are talking to on the forum are in fact real people and not just computer avatars, treat them as such.

Things Not To Do

  • Do not insult other members or use derogatory language.
  • Do not post racist sexist or otherwise discriminatory comments.
  • Do not spam, make sure your posts are relevant to the discussion.
  • Do not double-post unless necessary, edit the old post instead.
  • Do not post advertisements (see below).
  • Do not post copyrighted material.
  • Do not post material of a pornographic nature (this includes explicit sex scenes in text).
  • Do not post any material that could be illegal to publish on an open forum.
  • Do not ask someone to send you (even via e-mail) any material not allowed to be posted on the forum.

If you see someone breaking a rule, hit the report button for that post (upper right) and fill in the form, this report goes to the Administrators who will then take care of it.

This rule refers to advertising businesses/forums etc.

All and any types of advertisements that are directly related to the discussion at hand or may be of direct interest to the greater COTEC community are acceptable.

Blatant advertising will be considered spam and a violation of the Board Rules. If you are unsure if your advertisement is acceptable then please contact either the Administrators or Moderators.

Off Topic Discussions
Discussions such as religion, sexuality, politics and non-gaming opinions are allowed on the forum; however these are restricted to the Off Topic section. Take extra care not to insult someone, and always respect other peoples opinion even if you do not agree.

If you break any rules you will be warned, temporarily suspended, or banned from the forum.

The level of action taken by the Administrators is at their discretion.
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