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My Kings of War varangur list.; 2K pts of goodness
Topic Started: Mar 2 2016, 11:21 PM (824 Views)
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High Zar of Khorne

Hereīs the list I plan to convert my ld warhammer army to:

Magus: Mounted, Talisman of Inspiration, Fireball. 145 Pts

Skald: Scrying Gem. 90 Pts

Skald: Diadem of Dragon-kind. 90 Pts

Warband Horde. 180 Pts

Warband Troop: two-handed weapons. 75 Pts

Warband Troop: two-handed weapons. 75 Pts

Bloodsworn Regiment: Blade of Slashing. 145 Pts

Bloodsworn Regiment: Mace of Crushing. 145 Pts

The Fallen Regiment. 155 Pts

Mounted sons of Korgan regiment: Guise of the Deceiver, Potion of the caterpillar. 280 Pts

Tundra wolves troop. 110 Pts

Tundra wolves troop. 110 Pts

Tundra wolves troop. 110 Pts

Devourer: Noxious Mist. 190 Pts

Magus Conclave. 100 Pts

Got a bit of Everything, gameplan is basically hammer & the anvil, using the chaff as screens. lots of firebreathing to deal with annoying flying units, should be able to adapt the gameplan based on scenario & opponent.

What do you reckon?
I donīt want to use the King on Chimera, me & my group prefer the troops to do the battle. Nor will I drop the bloodsworn as they are oldschool very nice Chaos warrior, the main reason I even play this army!
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