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I have a unusual question about WFRP (involving a Tzeentch worshipping Skaven) :)
Topic Started: May 7 2016, 07:39 PM (577 Views)
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In the Dragon Slayer book (the Gotrek and Felix series), there is a situation where one of the three Tzeentch worshipping Chaos Warriors who met two Skaven (Thanquol and Lurk) tries to charge them despite the fact that Thanquol had a message from the Council of Thirteen.

The Chaos Warrior suggests to kill the Skaven off the bat (even though there were Chaos/Skaven alliances, not to mention Eshin Assassins being hired by Chaos Lords to do the dirty work) and argues on the basis that they are scum that are not to be trusted (because he fought them once). He also wanted to take the heads of Thanquol and Lurk, and then use them as a warning for the rest of their kind (even though there was a fluff bit somewhere that there are Tzeentch and Nurgle worshipping Skaven). One of the other Chaos Warriors simply tells him to stop it and let the Grey Seer tell what he has.

Now letís have this situation.

-Tzeentch Chaos Warriors Warband waltzes into a southerner country with the standard Chaos Warriors policies of pillaging and conquering.

-The Champ in charge wants one of the high ranking southerner leaders assassinated, so he hires a Skaven Eshin Assassin (in this case me), and promises a lot of delicious rewards if I get the job done.

-Letís say that Iím too a Tzeentchian and decide to go un-Skaven-like in this case. I tell him about a situation similar to the one Thanquol and Lurk got and which happened to me in this particular case. I of course put heavy emphasis on the fact that Iím too Tzeentchian and that arse of a Tzeentch Warrior wanted to chop off my head to serve as a warning towards my kin.

-After telling him this I want him to punish the bastard (preferably in a disproportionate way) and in return Iíd do three other assassinations for him. Iíd even go so far as to pay him for the effort. Or simply to curse him if heís not part of the warband (no matter if heís alive or not).

-How would the Chaos Champion react? What would he say?

-What would the Warrior who wanted to behead me say or behave in his defense?

-What would the other Chaos Warrior think of me if I did something like that and how would it develop?
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