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The Stronghold - Destruction Grand Alliance Website
Topic Started: Sep 1 2016, 11:50 PM (563 Views)
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Hi, I'd just like to share news that the venerable Stronghold recently relaunched as a website for all factions of Destruction in Age of Sigmar - so if you're a fan of Orruks, Grots, Ogors, Gargants, Toggoths or even the mysterious Fimir please come take a look! :)

The Stronghold: http://www.the-stronghold.com

Some features of the site:

- Modern, highly interactive community and forum software with dedicated blogging system
- Gallery of Destruction currently housing around 100 fully painted armies and over 2000 images
- Warscrolls index listing all Destruction warscrolls with the ability to rate and review them
- Tribes database sharing info about members' tribes with game result tracking
- Base size guide providing the recommended round or oval base sizes for your Destruction minis
- Video playlists of the greatest Destruction videos on YouTube, Stronghold videos on the way too
- Podcasts summary of all Destruction-focused episodes across a variety of popular shows
- Twitter feed actively highlighting the best Destruction tweets on Twitter daily
- Newsletter covering the latest goings on in the Destruction community
- Monthly competitions starting this month
- and more!

Hope you like what you see at the Stronghold and decide to join the growing forces of Destruction!

Thanks :D
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Competition time! :)

Details here: http://www.the-stronghold.com/index.php?/blogs/entry/60-tribal-warfare-competition-win-a-battleline-unit/

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