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5k battle against The Empire; Need help with my army list
Topic Started: Mar 15 2017, 01:00 AM (371 Views)
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So me and my buddy have decided that we are going to play a 5k battle. Ya, pretty crazy but we are both excited to do it. I've played against the empire before but normally on a 2v2 or 3v3. So never have had to deal with all their range by myself. To be honest I don't even know where to start. So if anyone could put me in the right direction on what I should build my army around it would help a lot! Thanks!

P.S. I know he is going to bring at least one if not two steam tank, Karl Franz, and probably a SH*T town of wizards like he normally does. When we play our 2v2 battles he never really brings any Calvary and if he does he normally wastes it by throwing it up against my Knights instead of flanking. Probably bring a unit or two of greatswords, but besides that I don't know what to expect.
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Champion of Nurgle
This sounds like it should be fun. I'd suggest even looking at the End Times books and seeing if there's a mission in there you could do.

Its kind of hard to suggest an army list strategy for a game this size.

You're going to need stuff that can get in there quickly at least to mess some things up for him.

If you have access to Beastmen, their Ambush rules in Legion of Chaos no longer require a parent unit per ambusher. So you can launch units/a big unit of MoS Gor at him.

Wulfrik with some Marauders could also put the pressure on him early.

Chimeras make me think of some speed that'll get at him.

Similarly, calvary of your own to rush up the lines.

I would run Legion of Chaos if you can. It'll give you access to that carroty table that can either do nothing, or summon 2d6 daemons in for you.

My main suggestion though would be to run one of the missions. At least it'll give you something else to do. If all he has to do is sit on a hill and shoot you with 5k worth of things I think it'll be an uphill battle for yah.

But, a game that size is supposed to be fun and whacky. I think if that's what I was doing, then I'd speak with my opponent about trying not to run netlist stuff. That's the size of game where you want to feel compfortable taking your lesser-used heroes and units instead of Tourney list x5.


Rip that Old World apart!
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It would help to know what's in your collection.

You can never go wrong though with Chimeras and Skullcrushers.

And I wouldn't worry too much about him bringing so many wizards. With magic being the random beast that it is you'll see a diminishing return on your wizards the more you take. All it will really do for him by bringing so many is give him more board presence and more choice. He'll still only be able to get off 2-4 spells per phase though.

I'd worry more about the sheer number of cannons and hellblasters he'll be able to bring...
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Chosen of Tzeentch
Honestly at 5k, building a good army list doesn't really matter nearly as much, since 5k is basically never going to be a hardcore competitive game. Just take units you find fun, load up on enough chaos warriors and fast units like chimera/knights/skulcrushers and it should be a fun game.
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It's so great to see folks still playing 8th!

Have you played the game yet? How did it go?
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