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Festus Potion WHFB 8th; When can I use the potion
Topic Started: Jul 26 2017, 06:47 PM (137 Views)
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Just starting playing WoC on the 8th edition.
Regarding Festus and his "Pestilent Potions", do that ability go off before the challenge is set?

Im planing on going with Warriors with champ, and Festus as support. And the champ will do all the challenges, and festus will just support it all.
My question, that I cant really find an answer to here or online, is it possible to make the opponents challenger drink the potion to make wounds? Even tho that champ is in combat with my champ?

You cant attack characters that is in challenge, but this isnt an attack? Or do this potion get used before everything so I can kill of the enemy champion before the challenge is resolved? :rock:

Hopefully I can make myself understood of the question :)
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Answer from diffrent forum regarding the same question..

"According to the FAQ back in the day, it goes off before the challenge IIRC, or wasn't affected by challenges. not sure how the ability is worded but I'm 100% sure it doesn't care about challenges as it worked that way when I last faced him and we double checked the FAQ when it was still available."

and then there is:
Rulebook it says:
"Challenges are issued at the start of the CC, before any blows are struck (but after impact hits)."

And Festus it says:
"At the beginning of each CC phase.."

answer is YES, it goes off before and is not affected by challenges even if he is the one getting challenged.
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Just starting WoC even in these dark times of the death of warhammer fantasy, man that's a brave step to take!

Regarding Festus's ability, it isn't really clear if you issue challenges first or use his potion first, they both say the start of cc. However, Festus's ability technically isn't an attack, you just single out a model in base contact to target so I suppose you could target an enemy character in a challenge. Never had that scenario come up before.
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