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Back to WHF; Back to WHF after 5 years...so what have I missed?
Topic Started: Dec 26 2017, 04:01 PM (255 Views)
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Hi all, back to WHF. Haven't played for a while due to RL but used to play a lot of 8th edition. End Times put me off as seemed very unbalanced/op, and now we have some age of sigma and I'll be honest I don't have a a clue what's this about...

Had a quick look around and could not find any relevant thread (I'm sure it's there and more a case i can't find it). But as the forum seems quiet thought I'd throw up a post...

Also a member of Daemonic Legion but it looks like that forum has died...? (If not its library quiet)
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Nurgle's Ahab
Hello, welcome back!
Warhammer is dead killed by GW and shamely substituted with a new game that ironically keeps stealing ideas from Warhammer. The new game has a silly fluff, bad artworks(that's why it steals some from Warhammer...) and wannabe spacemarines.
Next year it'll be out WF Roleplay 4 . Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 have been huge success( in spite to all who said Warhammer doesn't sell).
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