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Dad's Footsteps
Topic Started: Mar 9 2004, 10:01 AM (269 Views)
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John 5:19 Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.
This story is from a child's eyes.
I was exited to be able to help dad work on the car for the first time. I helped him carry the tools. I felt so grown up. Dad sat me on the edge of the car so I could see better and I began to watch. I watched Dad's face as he looked over the engine. I could tell he was thinking as to how to get the car to run. I knew he would. Dad knew everything. As he began, I watched him grab different tools. Lets see, that round thing attaches to that …I think he called it a ratchet. He placed it on a screw and began to loosen the bolt. Wow. It sure makes a neat clicking sound.

After getting a lot of bolts out, he laid down the ratchet. I quickly reached over and picked it up. This thing was neat. If you hold this and turn it a certain way, it clicks. Hmmm. Click Click Click Click….Click Click Click Click….Click Click Click…After as bit I put it down and began to watch again. Dad's hands were getting really dirty by now. After dad would lay down a tool I would pick it up then my hands would get greasy too. This was great. I loved it all, the grease, the dirt, the tools, and the smell.

After about four hours, which to me seemed like eternity, I watched dad pick up an old rag and wipe his hands. He looked over me and smiled and handed me the rag.
"Well son, you want to see if it works?"
After he took me off of the edge of the hood, I ran to the front of the car and watched the engine as dad got in the car and turned the key. This was really neat. That round thing turns this and the engine shook but it started. It seemed much louder with the hood up than when you are in the car. But it worked! Dad just knew everything.

Years have passed now, and I have watched and learned many things as I watched Dad work on those old cars every weekend. I still loved the smells, the dirt, the grease. But Mom still fussed at us both now, she was the one trying to get all the grease out of our clothes.

I was going to be getting my first driver's license soon. I could hardly wait. My friend just got his yesterday and found an old car and we decided that we would fix it up. Today, I wait as he backed the car into the yard. The both of us are so excited about the whole thing. I could see that my friend was about to bust with idea of driving his own car. I had told him that I knew a lot about engines, but would I be able to fix it? Would I be able to get the car to run? I knew that it was very important for my friend. Would I let him down?

I lifted the hood to the old car and began to look around. I reached over and grabbed the correct socket that would fit the engine bolts. Hmmm had to replace the head gasket….Let see, dad would always take these out…. And then get these bolts out…. and then…

The day flew by as we worked on the car. By the time we put everything back in, he was about to explode. He ran to the side of the car and turned the key. I think both of us were holding our breath. It felt like the whole world depended on that car starting. Our future, I mean I would surely get to ride with him and go cruising around, so it was a "our future" I wouldn't want to have to sit at home on the weekends…would it work??? Yes! It turned over, and over, and over….uh oh, will it start? Did I do it right? Finally the engine roared to life. Yes! I slapped my friend on the back as he walked to the front of the car.
"Well, you've got your ride!" I yelled to him.
"Thanks, man. You did good. I wasn't sure this thing would ever run. You really knew what you were doing!"
"Well, I have to thank Dad; I learned everything by watching him."
"Cool!" my friend said as he got reached over and began to help me put up all the tools.

Later after he had gone, I sat at the kitchen counter, watching mom fix dinner.
"You know son, she said as she stood over the stove stirring something in a pot, " I would glance out at you through the window here. I noticed one thing the most each time I looked out."
"What was that?" I asked.

"You looked just like your dad. You had the same look on your face as he does when he is looking over the engine. You meticulously placed each tool back in the toolbox when you were finished, you wiped your hands on that filthy rag when you were done, and you even managed to get just as much grease on your clothes and he always does."

I just smiled. I had learned a lot from watching dad all these years.

Just that moment dad walked through the back door.
"Hello there!" Dad called as he reached over and took off his work boots.
"What did ya'll do today?"
"Oh not much," I commented. "Just followed some footsteps."
I saw the look of wonderment on his face as I walked past him.
I am not sure that he will ever know just how much he has taught me. I looked into heaven sighed and said, Thanks Lord."

You see as the young boy grew up watching his dad accomplish a task, he learned about the tools, and engines, and how things worked.

The same goes with our Heavenly Father. As we read the word, we watch Jesus, the very expression of the Father. At first we may just notice, that he went here, prayed this way, and talked to these people…

But as we continue to study and mediate on the word, the more details we will learn. We will learn his facial expression, his compassion that he felt for the people and began to feel what he felt as He looked across the mass of people.

One day when someone comes to us, with their life messed up and not sure if things would ever work out, will we do it right, will we speak as Jesus spoke to the people. Will we give them the life that Jesus died to give them?

To be just like our "Dad" and walk in the footsteps of Jesus. That is our purpose. Each moment of time we spend in His word, looking watching and learning with an eager heart to "help" we become as little more like Him every day. And as we mature and grow, and people look at us and notice the things we've done, we can from out hearts say, "I can only do what I do because I watched my Father. I only do it because that is the way He does it."

"…Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise
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