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God's Gender
Topic Started: May 11 2008, 07:46 PM (381 Views)
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6Q Is it theologically correct to say that "God has no gender" as both
male and female are made in His image? What then accounts for the use
of masculine words such as the "Father," and Jesus was a man etc.?

It would be only partially correct and largely incorrect. Firstly,
gender in the spirit world does not have anything to do with
biological reproductive organs like on the physical earth. Gender is
the quality of the spirits - the feminine gender showing more light in
the love and compassion areas, and the masculine gender showing more
light in the wisdom and strength areas. Try to think of spiritual
gender as different lights and attributes rather than to physical
form. Understanding this, since God is the creator of all spirits, it
would be theological sound to understand that the concepts and
variations of lights and attributes are first found within Him. Thus
in a sense (thinking spiritually and not carnally) God encompasses all
concepts of masculine and feminine plus a whole other concepts of
BEING which are to magnificent to be revealed to our small finite
minds now (Let us assume for the time being that these concepts within
God is 0.000000000000000001% X a googolplex of His powerful attribute
and makeup). The word PERSON is even too small for Him. At the moment,
it is our human vocabulary that is limited in expressing the likeness
of God and not God Himself being limited. We still need to use the
words 'Father' etc mainly because we do not have any other human
vocabulary or figure of speech or analogy to describe who He is. Since
Jesus uses it, we can accept the fact that it is the best vocabulary
that we have at the moment. In simple answer to your question, God
would thus be all neutral, all masculine and all feminine plus a whole
googolplex of other attributes which we do not understand - He
encompasses the best and the highest of all our concepts. Another
illustration is this, when the body of Christ is referred to as the
bride of Christ, it does not mean that we are all females; it just
means that in terms of our relationship with Him, it is as loving and
special as a bride with the bridegroom.
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