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The Bible
Topic Started: May 11 2008, 07:49 PM (310 Views)
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Did Paul and the NT authors know what they are writing are going to be
"Scriptures," ie a unique category of inspired Word of God and not
just any words from God? In 2 Peter 3:16, Peter did refer to Paul's
epistles as "Scriptures." As Paul and others were writing, did the
Holy Spirit somehow revealed to them that these writings are going to
be the cannon Bible? Did they know that there's going to be a
canonized "New Testament" like the Old Testament in the first place?

None of the OT or NT writers, with the exception of the first five
books of the Bible (Genesis to Deuteronomy), knew that their writings
were going to become part of the Word of God. They just wrote their
experiences with God and counsel from God's wisdom. George Fox, the
early Quaker movement founder, said that in modern times we need to
yield ourselves to the same Spirit which inspired the writings of the
Bible so that we can hear, speak and live the Word made flesh.

How about the OT writers? How much do they know that what they're
writing is going to be a special cannon of the Word of God that will
be preserved for thousands of years as the Written Word of God?

No, none of them with the exception of Moses knew that their writings
were going to be canonized. That is why the first five books of the OT
stand in a special category by themselves. The Hebrew Bible code is
based only upon the first five books of the OT.


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