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Linda Davis: God's Revelation That Set Her Free
Topic Started: Jan 2 2018, 03:07 PM (11 Views)
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As I pondered that revelation I remembered my original question. “Lord, I believe what You said about me— but what about my husband?How do You see him?”

He then directed my gaze to the edge of the cluster of flowers. “Look down there,” He said. In the soil at the edge of the flowers was a pitiful seedling trying to pull itself up from the earth. With its head bent to the ground and its nose still in the dirt, the little plant looked puny and helpless beside those magnificent flowers. But a germ of life dwelt in that seedling: there was hope. “That is how I see your husband,” the Lord said gently.

“Oh, the poor little thing,” I cried, looking at the struggling green dollop. “What can I do to help it grow?” “That,” replied the Lord, “is My job— Mine alone. Your job is simply to be the beautiful flower I created you to be. Leave the rest to Me.”

As the impact of those words hit me, waves of relief rolled through me. Feeling the heavy burden of guilt and responsibility for my husband’s spir-itual condition fall away, I understood the meaning of 1 Corinthians 3: 6: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.” Yes, I could plant seeds, and others could water; but the ultimate responsibility for the results was up to God. Until that day, I had heard people telling me only how I should act and what I should do to “get that husband saved,” as if his salvation were my own personal responsibility. And all my frenzied efforts were not working. My husband still didn’t believe, and I thought it was all my fault.

That is why the vision the Lord gave me that day changed my whole perspective and liberated me from guilt. At the same time, it freed me to grow in Christ without worrying about increasing the spiri-tual chasm between my hus-band and myself. I now understood that God was responsible for my husband’s position in Christ, and that was no excuse for holding back my own growth. He wants us all to be as mature in Christ as possible. I would never be the same.

Davis, Linda (1987-01-01). How To Be Happy Wife Of An Unsaved Husband . Whitaker House. Kindle Edition.


So if I thought those women at church with a man by their side looked smart and serene, I would look more so. If they could reflect the joy of the Lord while sitting beside their husbands, I could reflect His joy while sitting alone. When I saw a woman walking tall next to her husband in church, I walked taller. Christ alone would be enough for me. And the more I acted that way, the more I felt that way. The more I accepted myself totally as the wife of an unbeliever, the more I felt accepted by others. I began to feel much better about myself as a person.

I, too, eventually learned the secret of acceptance with joy in the midst of my desert experience. I’m sure it was born not so much out of Christian maturity as human desperation. I was sick of being miserable. Something inside me said, “Enough already! I’m tired of waiting to be happy. If my husband doesn’t get saved until he is ninety-nine years old, just look at all the years I will have wasted being miserable about it. This is my life, and I’m not going to waste any more of it being unhappy about something I have no power to change. I’m just going to have to accept what I can’t change and be happy in spite of it!”

“It’s my dreams,” I blurted out earnestly. “Almost every night I’m awakened by a terrifying dream. In it, I meet a man who I think is an old friend, and we start talking. But then I notice his eyes; they are full of fiery rage, piercing me with their glare. His eyes start coming closer and closer to me—threateningly close. Then I realize they aren’t just this man’s eyes. They are demons glowering at me through his eyes, wanting to attack me. I get so frightened that I start shouting, ‘I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!’ as I back away. But they keep coming closer. So I shout louder and louder until my own voice wakes me up. Then I lie there frightened, wondering what could make me keep having that same dream.” My pastor’s smile had faded. “Don’t worry,” he said. “It isn’t you that the demonic influence is coming from. It’s who you are sleeping with.”

Nobody is going to maintain her Christian stance under all that intense heat unless she really has a grip on God. Persecution weeds out half-committed Christians like bug spray cleans up a picnic—wishy-washy believers drop like flies. Anyone who has been a Christian for any length of time has seen new converts come and go, from popular rock stars to the gal in Bible study who got saved but then dropped out because her friends thought it was “too weird.” Such people make a big splash about conversion when they desperately need God and He meets their needs. But once their problems are solved, or they get a taste of being ostracized by the world for being “different,” these half-hearted believers back off in a hurry. They want to be secret Christians so the world will still accept them. These fair-weather friends of God—clouds without rain, seeds sown on rocky soil—are a sad but true fact of life. (See Proverbs 25:14; Luke 8:6.)

The best reason for witnessing without words is that when the day does come when it is right for you to say something about the Lord to your husband, your words will carry much more impact. Have you ever tuned out someone who talks too much? Even if she said something profound, you would never notice it amid all her wordiness. But when a quiet person speaks, people listen. Each word becomes a gem. Try letting your words be solitary gems. Meanwhile, enjoy being one yourself, and let your witness sparkle in silence.

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