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Kratos in Acts 19.20
Topic Started: Dec 14 2008, 08:19 PM (503 Views)
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Q1. You said that power of the Word is "kratos." If we look at Acts
19:20 we will see that two Greek words are used in reference to the
Word. They are "kratos" and "ischus." Acts 19:20 says that the word
intensified = "kratos," and the Word prevailed = "ischus." How is
"kratos" the power of the Word when the word prevails by "ischus?"

Because of the emphasis on the Word of God rather than prayer. In Acts
19:20, it is the Word that grew kratos and its side effect is that it
also induces ischus (prevailing prayer). In James 5:16, only ischus is
emphasized and thus we know that ischus relates to prayer. Also a
general study of both words through the New Testament will show that
kratos is normally translated as might while ischus is translated as


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