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Everyone is Fasting 40 days ... but Me
Topic Started: Dec 20 2008, 11:52 AM (464 Views)
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Everyone is Fasting for Forty Days ... But Me

If you walk up to the Red Sea today, with all the faith in the world, with a hundred miracles under your belt, and you strike that sea without the Lord telling you to strike that sea.. it will just stand there. You do not have the power, God does.

If you lay your life down and almost starve yourself by going on a forty day fast when the Lord has not told you to, you will just starve.. nothing more. (Maybe lose some weight, change a few habits.. for the good or the better?) We have to be led to fast. Now, if you have been told to fast and you do not fast, then you are quenching the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. This will affect you in all areas. And, if you are continuing to seek Him daily, you will hear Him whisper about a fast each time you come to Him.

Fasting is not a method to obtain something. It is a relationship with our Lord, much like a married couple who are so busy that they vaguely acknowledge each other until the drop into bed, say goodnight, and go to sleep. Both of them may be doing what they are suppose to do, but they are missing a relationship in the process. There must be a communication between them, just as our communication must be clear with the Lord.

Before I started fully walking with the Lord, I tried to fast. Over and over I would try to go without a dinner. The best I could do was to eat only once a day. That became a habit. Looking back, I can see that it was the Lord working in my life behind the scenes. He would let me cut down on my eating, but never gave me grace to fast. I was in the wrong place with my relationship with Him. I had not fully let go of my own life yet. Then, after I surrendered the last of my own will to Him, He fasted me. I was in the middle of my donut and all of a sudden, I did not want it. I knew it was a fast. I was 'fasted' under the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, for 18 days. It was strange. I never grew tired, and was never hindered in anything I did. After that, within the next week, I fasted again for eleven days, but this time I ate one piece of French bread a day.

The result of these two fasts was incredible. I was much more aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit, very sensitive to His being in the room with me. This awareness began a relationship with Him. I could ask Him to come and be near me and He would cover me immediately. It is like asking your Mom for a hug and she covers you with her arms and holds you tight. It is real, a relationship, and interaction between the two of you. It takes you from the academia of reading the Bible to understanding the desired fellowship the Lord wants to have with you.

From that point, He told me to live a fasted life. I have fasted on and off, more on than off. It has become a life style. There are various styles of fasting He has led me through. He outlined one fast to consist of eating day one, and then not eat for three days, then eat again, then not eat again for three. This was the toughest fast. The body gets used to having no food after about three days, and then to eat one day ... on and on for 21 days. It was hard because I could never settle in to "going without," nor did my body settle into the rhythm of going without. I grumbled a lot. That was the point. To pull out of my: "I fast often, I hear God often" attitude and show me my heart ... a grumbler. Even when it was over, even though I had learned to keep my attitude under subjection, I whispered a celebration in my heart for it being over. In that fast, I gained a greater appreciation for the Israelites having to eat manna day after day. They grumbled. I grumbled. I knew what happened to them ... I hushed my grumbling. I know that was His whole point.

But, the bottom line is that you should only fast when you are led to fast, and only as you are told by the Lord to fast. The Lord may tell you to fast through your pastor's voice if he or she is a person who hears and obeys God. Then, the pastor will speak the Words the Lord has spoken to proclaim a fast. You will be graced and blessed for obeying.

The bottom line is that you must have the grace of God to fast. He will grace you, give you the ability to fast, if He is the one telling you to fast. Even now, after ten years of living a fasted life, if He does not give me the grace then I am unable to fast. All my strength comes through Him. If He is telling you to fast, have confidence you will be able to do what He desires.


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