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"Darnit,he won't stand still. Lets see how he enjoys THIS!" Pikaman said.

Pikaman would start speeding in a circle,and when Harke didn't expect it,he threw powerful binds or grass that held onto him tight.

"ITS OVER! RIGHT HERE,RIGHT NOW!" Pikaman said grabbing the strings.

Pikaman would finally use Forest Boomerang to pin Harke to the walls.

Pikaman then finally killed him with a slash.

"Its over."
Awards Won: Biggest Spammer: Summer 2008,Most Infamous: Summer 2008

Knuckles: Ok. I know you don't like me,and i certantly don't like you. But i think we need to set aside our differences and work this out together. Now all you have to do for me is MAKE THIS FREAKING JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GRRRR*! ...i hate you mario. I hate you so much.
Sonic: Hey Knuckles.
Knuckles: WHAT DO YOU WANT??????????
Sonic: Woah,geeze! Nothing,i just wanted to say hi!
Knuckles: Oh. Well,sit down and shut up. Im trying to beat this freaking game.
Sonic: You mean,outside?
Knuckles: Yeah.
Sonic: Where theres no electricity.
Knuckles: Yeah thats right.
Sonic: Oh,well,i was coming by to tell you cause Tails told me this REALLY funny joke! It starts out like..
Knuckles: GRR MAN YOU!! YOU MADE ME DIE YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: Dude,i think you may have an anger problem.
Knuckles: What? I do not! Things just piss me off a lot.
Sonic: O RLY?
Knuckles: Yeah really.
Sonic: Ok then,*holds a puppy* Hold this puppy.
Knuckles: Why?
Sonic: We gonna see if you have an anger problem. Now hold it.
Knuckles: No thats ok.
Sonic: Come on,all you gotta do is hold it!
Knuckles: *looking away* I don't want to.
Sonic: HOLD THE FREAKIN PUPPY! *throws it at knuckles*
Knuckles: *turns around and catches it* Hey this isn't so bad.
Sonic: So you don't feel angry?
Knuckles: Not really. In fact,hes kinda cute! ^_^ How are you doing my little buddy? Look at your soft ears and tai..*Puppy craps on Knuckles* AWWW HES CRAPPING ON ME!! AW YOU SON OF A..*throws puppy on ground and uses machine gun on Puppy* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Sonic: Okaay..Now hold this baby.

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