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"Fine,but you haven't faced MY TRUE POWER!!" Pikaman said in a rage.

Like in his normal X time,he was turning buggy. His thundersword turned purple with yellow spots. He got black eyes,and a buggy outfit. He knew Harke was gonna lose. Pikaman was not losing to a darn level 6.

"Try this on for size! Bug Sword!" Pikaman said flinging his as powerful as a gorrila and bear combined bug sword at Harke. It was wide as a table. Pikaman then waited for Harke to jump,since he couldn't block or get out of the way,it was to strong for his shield,and its wide.
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Knuckles: Ok. I know you don't like me,and i certantly don't like you. But i think we need to set aside our differences and work this out together. Now all you have to do for me is MAKE THIS FREAKING JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GRRRR*! ...i hate you mario. I hate you so much.
Sonic: Hey Knuckles.
Knuckles: WHAT DO YOU WANT??????????
Sonic: Woah,geeze! Nothing,i just wanted to say hi!
Knuckles: Oh. Well,sit down and shut up. Im trying to beat this freaking game.
Sonic: You mean,outside?
Knuckles: Yeah.
Sonic: Where theres no electricity.
Knuckles: Yeah thats right.
Sonic: Oh,well,i was coming by to tell you cause Tails told me this REALLY funny joke! It starts out like..
Knuckles: GRR MAN YOU!! YOU MADE ME DIE YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: Dude,i think you may have an anger problem.
Knuckles: What? I do not! Things just piss me off a lot.
Sonic: O RLY?
Knuckles: Yeah really.
Sonic: Ok then,*holds a puppy* Hold this puppy.
Knuckles: Why?
Sonic: We gonna see if you have an anger problem. Now hold it.
Knuckles: No thats ok.
Sonic: Come on,all you gotta do is hold it!
Knuckles: *looking away* I don't want to.
Sonic: HOLD THE FREAKIN PUPPY! *throws it at knuckles*
Knuckles: *turns around and catches it* Hey this isn't so bad.
Sonic: So you don't feel angry?
Knuckles: Not really. In fact,hes kinda cute! ^_^ How are you doing my little buddy? Look at your soft ears and tai..*Puppy craps on Knuckles* AWWW HES CRAPPING ON ME!! AW YOU SON OF A..*throws puppy on ground and uses machine gun on Puppy* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Sonic: Okaay..Now hold this baby.

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