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Welcome to the Star Trek RPG you have been looking for. Infinity is an original STRPG that allows you the freedom to explore the Star Trek universe the way you always wanted to. We offer several settings each with its own unique feel so all members can find what works best for them.

We are a friendly, laid-back community, open to all kinds and excited to meet other Star Trek fans, or even people who haven't seen the show but want a really amazing science fiction RPG. Join us today - your only regret will be that you didn't find us sooner.

Time: October 2384

Academy-- It is time for students to pledge to Fraternities and Sororities! Many are cramming for midterms and many more are looking for dates to the huge annual Halloween Dance.

Starbase-- Business is booming, but otherwise all is normal at the Starbase.

Infinity-- The USS Infinity is on a mission to deliver emergency supplies to an outlying colony ravaged by natural disaster. After traveling through a massive ion storm, the crew is just waking to find themselves physically regressed to children...

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Welcome to Infinity. The Infinity RPG is still as active as ever and can now be found [url="http://thestartrekrpg.com"]here[/url]. Come join us!


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