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Available Species; A list of the species in Starfleet
Topic Started: Feb 17 2011, 01:31 AM (4,758 Views)
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This is the list of species you can choose to play. There are a lot of species left off the list for various reasons, but if there are any not on the list that you would really like to play and have a good reason why and how your character would be in Starfleet, please PM a mod for permission.

Special Permission species are that way for a reason, usually because it's very unusual for them to cooperate with the Federation or to join Starfleet or because their nature is not conducive to Starfleet's protocol. To play a species that requires special permission you must have been active on the site for at least 2 months and must PM Evren a brief explanation of how and why this character came to join Starfleet, how you intend to play them, and why it will enhance the site.

  • Aaamazzarite
    Posted Image
    Aaamazzarites, also called Therbians, are a hairless species with pale yellow skin. Aaamazzara orbits Epsilon Serpentis in the Alpha Quadrant. It is 70.3 light years away from Earth. Everything on the planet is bio-chemically produced from their mouths, including clothing and furniture. They are members of the United Federation of Planets.

  • Aenar -- (special permission only)
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Aenar, along with the Andorians, inhabit the world of Andor (Andoria). In many regards, they are similar to the Andorians in physical appearance. However, their skin is a light blue/white color, they are almost totally blind, and they have powerful telepathic abilities. Aenar are pacifistic and do not use their mind reading abilities against the will of another individual. However, their blindness doesn't appear to hinder their ability to detect obstacles.

  • Andorian
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Andorians are a humanoid species with blue skin and antennae. They consider themselves a warrior race, in contrast with the pacifist Aenar who also live on the Andoria. They are native to the moon Andoria, which orbits the planet Andor. They were a founding member of the United Federation of Planets.

  • Arcadian -- (special permission only)
    Posted Image
    Arcadians have large, round, doll-like heads and have hair on the left and right sides of their heads with none in the middle. They are members of the United Federation of Planets with a representative on the Federation Council. They joined at least as early as the 2280s.

  • Axanar
    Posted Image
    The Axanar are the first extraterrestrial race befriended by Earth people aboard the NX-01 Enterprise. Archer and his people rescue Axanar aboard a ship that has been disabled, and when both another Axanar ship, and the preying ship, show up, Archer is able to persuade the Axanar to help him fight off the preying ship.

  • Bajoran
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Bajorans (or Bajora) are a humanoid species with characteristic nose creases. They live on the planet Bajor. They are a deeply spiritual people, who worship The Prophets. They are enemies of the Cardassians, who occupied Bajor and treated the Bajorans as slaves in the early 24th century.

  • Ba'ku
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Ba'ku people were a technologically advanced humanoid civilization. In the early 21st century, the race developed the means of building weapons of mass destruction and was on the brink of self-annihilation. A small enlightened group of the Ba'ku people escaped this horror and found an isolated planet.

  • Benzite
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Benzites are a humanoid race from the planet Benzar and members of the United Federation of Planets. Benzites possess smooth, hairless skin; it may range in color from bluish-purple to green-blue. A thick protrusion of the Benzite skull extends down over the face, displaying a prominent nasal lobe and brow. Two fish-like barbels droop down from above the upper lip. Benzites are highly resistant to poisons and other noxious substances.

  • Betazoid
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Betazoid are a humanoid species, originating from the planet Betazed. They are telepathic and are members of the United Federation of Planets. They have black irises.

  • Bolian
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Bolians are bald humanoids with blue skin and a small ridge running from the back of their heads to their noses. They were named after a regular Star Trek director, Cliff Bole. As an in-joke there have been references to the "Cliffs of Bole" on their planet. Neelix remarks that malfunctioning toilets will hit the Bolians especially hard, and during medical examinations 24th century doctors will commonly ask if a human patient has had sexual relations with a Bolian.

  • Caitian
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Caitians are a race of humanoid cat-like aliens. Caitians are upright bipeds with pointed ears, slit-shaped pupils, whiskers, a tail and thick fur (usually including a mane). In addition to physical traits, Caitians are curious and have a hunter's instinct. Caitians speak a combination of vowel and soft consonant sounds which to human ears would not sound like speech so much as purring.[2]

  • Deltan
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Not much is known about Deltans so there is a lot of room for creativity. Baldness may be a defining Deltan trait. They have a limited telepathic ability, allowing them to use touch to stop another person from feeling pain. Deltans emit extremely powerful pheromones, provoking a strong sexual reaction in many other species. Deltans in Starfleet are forbidden from engaging in sexual activity, so as to limit their disruptive influence on other species.

  • Denobulan
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Denobulans are humanoid with facial ridges. They sleep less than humans but do hibernate for six days a year. When threatened, Denobulans can inflate their heads like blowfish to scare off predators. Denobulans are also natural climbers, thus making them suitable for exploring caves, canyons and other sheer rock formations. Denobulans, or at least the ones that spend their time away from their planet, have a penchant for scientific research, and each Denobulan that Enterprise has encountered has been a researcher of some sort.

  • Drayan
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Drayans live on Drayan II, and have little to no contact with outside races. They have a very closed society, due to their species unique attribute of aging. It is uncertain how Drayans are born: They are born looking as if they are elderly, around the human age of 100. From there, they age backwards, growing younger in body as they grow older in wisdom and experience. When they appear to be the age of a six-year-old human child (making them over 90 in Drayan years), they are shuttled over to one of the moons of Drayan II, where they essentially die. Their bodies disappear, leaving only their clothes behind. This journey is viewed as a sacrament. Basically humanoid in appearance, Drayans have a colored line down their forehead, the only visible mark that distinguishes them from humans.

  • Edosian
    Posted Image
    Edosians are a race of tripodal sentient aliens. Edosians have an orange complexion, two yellow eyes, three arms and three dog-like legs.

  • El-Aurian
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    El-Aurians are physically similar to humans, but they can live well over 700 years. El-Aurians also have a variety of racial types, with both dark and light skinned members. They are considered a race of listeners and often appear very patient and wise. It is uncertain whether the El-Aurians have any powers beyond those of normal humanoids. Another possible ability of this species is their ability to discern changes in the timeline.

  • Ferengi
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Ferengi are a humanoid species native to the planet Ferenginar. Ferengi civilization is built on the ideals of free enterprise, where all other goals are subjugated to the pursuit of profit. On average, Ferengi are shorter than Humans. They have orange-brown colored skin, blue fingernails, enlarged skulls, wrinkled noses, and sharp teeth.

  • Human
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The human race is from Earth and... um... humanoid. lol

  • Kadi -- (special permission only)
    Posted Image
    The Kadi are a humanoid species that live in the Delta Quadrant. They are a deeply spiritual people; shunning everything from entertainment to spicy foods. In their culture, males and females work separately. The Kadi bathe with pure water only, and observe prayers eight times each day.

  • Klingon -- (special permission required)
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Klingons are a warrior race that have a tenuous relationship with the Federation, at times allies and other times enemies. It is very rare for a Klingon to serve in Starfleet.

  • Ktarian
    Posted Image
    Ktarians are an alien species native to the Alpha Quadrant. They are recognized by their catlike eyes and large frontal skull bones. Ktarians mature much faster than other species.

  • Napean
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Napeans are partially empathic and can be distinguished by cartilage that extends from the top of the nose up between the eyes and widens slightly as it extends to the top of the forehead.

  • Ocampa
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Ocampa are humanoid and resemble Humans except for a few folds of skin around their ears. They age very rapidly, resulting in an average life span of only nine to twenty years. They have eidetic memories and telepathic abilities and resemble young adults for most of their lives.

  • Orion
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Orions are a green (sometimes blue) skinned, humanoid alien species. Orion males are typically bald and, on average, taller and more muscular than the average Human male. Orion females are very animalistic in nature, known for their extreme carnal appetites and their innate skill of seduction. Measures are taken to negate the effect of the pheromones of Orion females in Starfleet.

  • Romulan-- (special permission required)
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Romulans share common ancestry to Vulcans and appear very similar, though many Romulans have a v-shaped ridge on the bridge of their noses. Romulans are passionate, cunning, and opportunistic — in every way the opposite of the calm, logical Vulcans. Romulans do not possess Vulcans' telepathic abilities and may or may not possess their unique capacity for intelligence, but they do share the strength and longevity of Vulcans.

  • Tellarite
    Tellarites were a stout humanoid species with distinguished snouts. They wore beards and their hands were sometimes hoof like in appearance. On average, Tellarites are shorter than Humans. They found human room temperature to be cold, indicative of a higher body temperature.

  • Talarian
    Posted Image
    Talarians are characterized by a distinctive hairless enlargement of the coronal area of the skull extending in two lobes to the back of the head. Talarian blood is red, and Talarians are prone to radiation burns and respiratory distress.

  • Talaxian
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Talaxians are humanoid with large amounts of yellow to reddish-brown spotting on their heads, arms and bodies. They have pale skin and a plume of ginger hair across the top of their heads.

  • Trill
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    The Trill are a humanoid species native to the planet Trill. A small percentage of the Trill population co-exists with a sentient symbiotic organism known as a symbiont inside their bodies. The resulting joined Trill have personalities which are a synthesis of the two beings including the memories, and to some extent the personalities, of the previous hosts of the symbiont. This way, the joined being gains all the skills and occupations of the previous hosts.

    *information from wikipedia or memory-alpha.org*
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  • Vulcan
    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Vulcans are a humanoid species widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture. Hailing from the planet Vulcan, the Vulcans were instrumentally responsible for the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Vulcans have sharply slanted eyebrows and pointed ears and are known for their significant intelligence and superior strength in comparison to humans.

  • Zakdorn
    Posted Image
    The Zakdorn are a race native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Zakdorn are humanoids with three pouches per cheek. As a people, the Zakdorn are generally replete with self-assuredness and overconfidence.

  • Zaldan
    Posted Image
    The Zaldans are a species that appears almost totally Human except for webbing between their fingers. The Zaldans are a humanoid species characterized by webbed hands. Zaldans are insulted by Human politeness, since they view it as a form of dishonesty, and thus the proper way to address them is with brutal honesty.
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