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Welcome to the Star Trek RPG you have been looking for. Infinity is an original STRPG that allows you the freedom to explore the Star Trek universe the way you always wanted to. We offer several settings each with its own unique feel so all members can find what works best for them.

We are a friendly, laid-back community, open to all kinds and excited to meet other Star Trek fans, or even people who haven't seen the show but want a really amazing science fiction RPG. Join us today - your only regret will be that you didn't find us sooner.

Time: October 2384

Academy-- It is time for students to pledge to Fraternities and Sororities! Many are cramming for midterms and many more are looking for dates to the huge annual Halloween Dance.

Starbase-- Business is booming, but otherwise all is normal at the Starbase.

Infinity-- The USS Infinity is on a mission to deliver emergency supplies to an outlying colony ravaged by natural disaster. After traveling through a massive ion storm, the crew is just waking to find themselves physically regressed to children...

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Character Profiles Information
Topic Started: Jul 31 2011, 08:28 PM (862 Views)
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Before you begin to roleplay any characters you must fill out a
simple Character Profile that helps us get to know you and your
character. Please fill out the two mandatory parts which include
the Main Section and your character's Group Section (choose
the group section that fits). If you want to, you can add the
Optional Section. You may design and add anything to your
profile that you like, so long as the two mandatory sections are

Post your profile in a New Topic in this forum with your
character's full name as the title and position as the
subtitle. An admin or mod will update your account to the correct
group and move your profile to completed profiles forum.

Note: You may begin roleplaying the moment you post your completed profile in this forum, however if you begin roleplaying without finishing it, we will limit your account and you will lose posting access until it is completed.

Posted Image
[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] (put both their age in their years and their relative human years if significantly different)
[b]Birthday:[/b] (You can leave the year off)
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b] [i](this should be natural for the species)[/i]
[b]Home Planet:[/b] [i](where they were raised, not necessarily born)[/i]

[b]Background:[/b] [i]How were they raised? What is their culture like? What have they done before in Starfleet?[/i]
[b]Personality:[/b] [i]What is your character like? How might they interact with others?[/i]
[b]Goals:[/b] [i]What goals do they have for themselves?[/i]


[b]Your Name:[/b] (or nickname)
[b]New to Infinity?[/b]
[b]Over 17?[/b]
[b]How did you find Infinity?[/b] (please be specific)

Posted Image
[i]You may add anything to this that you like[/i]
[b]Favorites (Color, Food, Activity, etc.):[/b]
[b]Good at:[/b]
[b]Bad at:[/b]
[b]One thing he/she can't live without:[/b]
[b]His/Her Pet Peeve:[/b]
[b]HeShe would die before telling anyone_________[/b]
[b]His/Her guilty pleasure is _______[/b]
[b]When he/she thinks no one is watching he/she __________[/b]
[b]Would describe him/herself in three words as:[/b]

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Fill this out if your character is a student attending Starfleet Academy.
[b]Major/Area of Study:[/b]
[b]Year:[/b] (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Graduate First, or Graduate Second)
[b]Favorite Class:[/b]
[b]Least Favorite Class:[/b]
[b]Student Job:[/b] If they have one. This could be any campus job such as TA, lab assistant, tutor, cafeteria worker, etc.
[b]Plans after graduation:[/b]

Posted Image
Fill this out if your character is a professor at Starfleet Academy after your application has been approved. [Fill out and post just the Main Info before your app is approved and add this after]
[b]Classes They Teach:[/b]
[b]General Class Hours:[/b] [Early mornings, afternoons, night classes, video classes, etc.]
[b]Exact Office Hours:[/b]
[b]Teacher's Aide?[/b] [List their names if you have any]
[b]Favorite Class to Teach:[/b]
[b]Favorite Subject:[/b]
[b]Major They Graduated With:[/b]

Posted Image
Fill this out if your character is not a student or a professor, but does work for Starfleet Academy.
[b]Alumni of SA?[/b]
[b]Their feelings about their job:[/b] [i]Do they love it? Hate it? Why they have it... etc.[/i]

Posted Image
Fill this out if your character is not a student or faculty member of Starfleet Academy and is not on the crew of the Infinity. Civilians may currently roleplay on the Starbase or at the Academy as a spouse or child of a student or faculty member.
[b]Where do they live?[/b]
[b]Any family that lives with them?:[/b]
[b]If on the Starbase:[/b]
[b]What brings them to Starbase 42?[/b] [Do they work there? Where? Are they traders? Own or rent a shop? Getting a ship repaired? Etc]

Posted Image
Fill this out if your character is joining or already meant to be a member of the crew of the USS Infinity.
[b]Rank:[/b] [ New members may only join as Ensigns, members who have been on the site for 2 months may join with a LtJG]
[b]Existing crew or new to Infinity?[/b] [Note: At this point in our canon, the Infinity first launched only about 5 months ago.]
[b]Reasons for joining Starfleet:[/b]
[b]Their thoughts on being a part of the Infinity Crew:[/b]
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