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Welcome to the Star Trek RPG you have been looking for. Infinity is an original STRPG that allows you the freedom to explore the Star Trek universe the way you always wanted to. We offer several settings each with its own unique feel so all members can find what works best for them.

We are a friendly, laid-back community, open to all kinds and excited to meet other Star Trek fans, or even people who haven't seen the show but want a really amazing science fiction RPG. Join us today - your only regret will be that you didn't find us sooner.

Time: October 2384

Academy-- It is time for students to pledge to Fraternities and Sororities! Many are cramming for midterms and many more are looking for dates to the huge annual Halloween Dance.

Starbase-- Business is booming, but otherwise all is normal at the Starbase.

Infinity-- The USS Infinity is on a mission to deliver emergency supplies to an outlying colony ravaged by natural disaster. After traveling through a massive ion storm, the crew is just waking to find themselves physically regressed to children...

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Flamboyancy (Open to all); Chapter One: Meeting Senav!
Topic Started: Oct 15 2011, 09:38 AM (18 Views)
Ens. Senav

Posted Image

Intelligence lodged behind a set of jovial and often inebriated steel blue eyes. However, this time was different. Senav was completely sober, and while others would often be pleased to see him actually trying to do some work for once, he wasn’t feeling so motivated. He wasn’t an alcoholic, but he found that he really enjoyed “testing the flavour of earth drinks” as he found them "very interesting and reflective of earth culture". One of them specifically, in fact, which was well known among certain crew members by now. He could tell that his formal attire contrasted with his laid back and flamboyant persona was perhaps pissing a few people off. Or perhaps it was because he had the pointy ears and slanted brow of a Vulcan, and people expected him to be as stoic, careful and addicted to logic as the rest. Frankly it didn’t really bother him.

So when a crewmate barged over to him and tried to shove his feet from the helm console, he blinked open an eye and removed himself from it promptly. He didn’t rise, however; but simply slouched in a horrible position on his chair and fiddled with the rolled up sleeves of his uniform idly, legs spread wide open and heels suspended from the ground. Senav smelled very musky and masculine, which he felt very comfortable with. A complaint, followed by an accusation of not taking his role aboard the ship seriously, but the sharp-eared Vulcan wasn’t paying much attention to it. He’d heard all this lecturing and complaining before. It didn’t really work that much either.

Lifting a hand, he silenced the person who attacked him verbally. After a heartbeat, he simply sighed and kicked his feet back up onto the console, tilting his hat forward and resting his arms over his stomach. "My my," slurred the sober, flirtatious Vulcan. "You need to calm down.” This information given to his crewmate in an informal drawl seemed to only provoke him further. As if he, Ensign Senav of Vulcan, could be formal. Ha! "Maybe a bit of sake would lighten your mood...." The crewmember hissed and stormed away from the bubbly man, which only made him turn his head, cock open an eye and lift the rim of his soft cream-hued hat to stare after the man.

His expression wasn’t necessarily bored. His feet weren’t obstructing any of the major functions of the ship, and currently it was on a set course, so he didn’t need to start poking around with buttons. Unless, of course, something started bleeping at him like a trail of expletives on TV. Now that was a sound that he outwardly disliked. Why couldn’t they make it something more cheerful, like a song or perhaps an interesting and stimulating series of sounds? Well, on the other hand, some random voice laughing evilly when the electricity started to flicker would scare several people so hard they'd shit themselves before the problem could be solved. When the others on the circular bridge turned to observe their consoles, his hand whipped out of his pocket and he took a sip from his sake flask. He hadn’t had anything to drink for a while now and his head was starting to feel a bit heavy from his previous hangover. Just before anyone turned back and noticed, he had buried it back in his pocket, and was gazing lazily at the screen, simply observing the stars as the ship passed.

No sound travelled in space. Sometimes he wished that the same could be for on the ship, because he hated it when things started getting rowdy. Someone thumped their console behind him and he craned his neck, clicking one of the joints there before he ran his pinkie finger through the outside ridge of his fine, tapered ears, eyes closed as if he didn’t care about much. Curved shoulder-length blond hair curtained his head and he sighed, muttering something quietly to himself. His senses were so sensitive that even the sound of the turbolift approaching would disturb him, but he had grown used to quite a lot of noise on the ship. The bridge was probably the nosiest place there was on a starship and nothing could help that, but it disturbed his resting time. Well, resting time didn’t count for much when he was on duty. But when there was nothing happening, he would fake that he had fallen asleep.

Somehow, once, he’d actually managed it, which make him smile whenever he thought about it. He’d fallen asleep on his console in the exact same position he was in now. But about a minute later he’d had his feet rudely shoved from their nestling spot between a joystick and a cluster of buttons that he swore were just there to make amusing squidgy, beeping noises that signalled something vaguely boring had happened. Senav yawned obnoxiously loudly, trying to make sure that everyone heard it, just so he could get a response. When his jaws snapped shut with an audible click, he smiled beneath his blond facial hair and looked around, trying to see if anyone had actually reacted to his attempts to amuse himself.

Synopsis: Senav is being a lazy bastard again X'D
I hope that this is alright. I know there was some kind of plot thing going on where everyone's age regresses but I'm not sure if that applies to those outside of the mission?

Please, join. Meet Senav! There is a bit of language in my post~
Edited by Ens. Senav, Oct 15 2011, 09:50 AM.
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