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Account Registration -

Accounts registered with a temporary email address or masked IP will be rejected. A valid email address is required and must be validated or your account will not be approved. If you do not receive a validation email after you register, please check your SPAM folder as it is probably sitting there.

General Site Rules -

Members should demonstrate honesty, courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the site and in chat at all times.

***Snipers, Cheaters and Assasins are NOT welcome here. They serve no purpose and promote unsportsmanlike conduct. Cheating of any kind whether by breaking the rules of play or by some technical means, ie; hacking into the Wii or using a cheat code, is forbidden and will lead to permanent banishment from the club.

Our Privacy Policy is simple, we will not share anything with anyone about you or anyone else in your family.

When posting anything to this site, assume that there is a 5 year old looking over your shoulder, if this would embarrass you then don't post it. We are a family friendly club.

Posting of adult material and profanity is NOT allowed.

Harrassment of any member via Chat, PM or in the Forum itself is NOT allowed. Activity of this nature should be reported to the Admins immediately for further action.

Chat Room -

The use of profanity in the chat room is not allowed and a filter is in place to screen for inappropriate words. Please do not try to circumvent the filter as there may be children present.

Try to refrain from the use of slang in chat when there are members there whose primary language is not english. Our international friends may not understand the translation and it might come across as an insult to them.

The use of CAPS when chatting is considered shouting and is also rude. Please use appropriate case when chatting.

Site Participation -

The IWGC is a club for active players of the game. In order for a member to be considered "active", the member should log into the site at least once a week, join a tournament, or at least engage in some casual pick-up games. A member can also be active by making helpful posts that contribute to the general well being of the club and it's members.

Any member that does not meet the club's Site Participation requirement will be subject to deletion. This will be acted upon on a case by case basis. Should a member's account be deleted they will have to re-register for a new account the next time they visit.

Probationary Members will be limited to replies to current open topics or discussions, and tournaments. They will be able to receive and send PM's, and to participate in chat. They can access and edit their profiles, but cannot access the profiles of other members.

The period of probation is 30 days, to correspond with the minimum membership participation requirement. After 30 days and if the new member has met those requirements, he/she will be upgraded to regular member status.

Penalties for Breach -

If players follow the guidelines in this Section, it will make the club more enjoyable for everyone.

If a member consistently disregards these guidelines during a round or over a period of time to the detriment of others, the Club will consider taking appropriate disciplinary action against the offending member. Such action may, for example, include prohibiting play/site access for a limited time or in a certain number of competitions. This is considered to be justifiable in terms of protecting the interest of the majority of members who wish to participate in accordance with these guidelines.

In the case of a serious breach of Etiquette, the IWGC may ban a member permanently. A serious breach, might include but not be limited to, posting adult material, harrassment, cheating, sharing usernames/passwords or creating ficticious accounts for the purpose of doing harm to another member or the Club.

The IWGC complies with the Terms of Service required by our host, ZetaBoards, and requires that all members also comply with the Terms of Service as a condition of membership.

By signing up for membership with the IWGC you agree to these terms and conditions.

The IWGC reserves the right to change/modify these rules without notice.
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