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Bouncy idle with Premium Japan Throttle Kit installed

Posted by Kenkko (Std. Member) at Feb 21 2018, 10:42 AM. 2 comments

Hey fellas

I installed the kit on my car (stock 3SGE) and im having idle issues. when cold, the idle stays at a solid 2000RPM, but when the car warms up, it bounces between 2000-1000 RPM. I followed the instructions to the best of my ability considering the instructions were in japanese and have no clue what the problem is. I could post a scan of the instructions if necessary.

Video of the issue


Ignition coil

Posted by ftamele (Std. Member) at Feb 13 2018, 09:42 PM. 11 comments

In the last 30 days I changed the coil of my Altezza (4-cylinder beems engine) twice, I'm desperate because I do not know what could be causing this coil burning ... Someone help me please!

My New Drift Car :D

Posted by Poirier4 (Std. Member) at Jan 26 2018, 12:37 PM. One comment

Sold my s14 which I had previously beams swapped and bought this drift ready is300 caged shell. I will definitely need some angle mods was looking into the ez knuckles, anybody have experience with them?

Also big thing for me is doing a RHD swap since I just feel more natural and comfortable on the right, ordered most of the parts to do it, trying to modify the lhd dash but I might need a dash if somebody has one.

here's a walk around of the lexus

Vvt Solenoids Beams 3s-ge

Posted by sully (Std. Member) at Oct 22 2017, 12:02 AM. One comment

hi all
mechanic says i have to replace both solenoids expensive $320 apiece so lookin at gettin second hand ones for now just wonderin if they are the same in both auto an manuals

been havn trouble for last two weeks with car RS200 1999 altezza auto ..... wife drove home an said car revs are high when drivin an check eng light came on... so i jump in an fang up road to see for myself an yep eng light on an revs are up 1000 rpm so when stoppin at lights or something the car is tryn to pull forward ( idles high also in netural) strange when ur under braking the brakes will go hard to push an then u have to put in netural so they go back to spongey feelin

so go to mechcanics an explain this they check an brakes nothin wrong then they check vvt solenoids an had both out an seemed like they were stiiff so they tryed to lube an unstiffen them. replaced the old ones to let us know we have to replace em

ok so i price new freak out an look for second hand ones. i go to wreckers to find them they only have right hand side an tell me that left hand seem to be ones that fail so he asked if the mechcanic run car for codes i said no so he did an came up with PO135 oxy sensor heater circuit (bank1 sensor1) an P1354 VVT system malfunction ( bank2) exaust side
he sold me a secondhand oxy sensor sayin that should take care of the eng check light till vvt are replaced so i fitted it an reset ecu an took for a drive hoping for a miracle but didnt come. but eng check light came on 10 metres up the road (yay) drive for a bit longer an eng light goes out ( fist pump) thinkn it may be fixed i go home an then the rpm goes up 1500 2000 revs an now is worse than before ( thumbs down)

so now im lookin to find some vvt solenoids but needto know if there the same in auto an manuals

anyone had this happen to them

Fixing The Old Girl

Posted by Sunny (Std. Member) at Sep 5 2017, 01:38 PM. 2 comments

Hey guys!

New to the forums, I have a sxe 10 altezza that's had rs200 running gear and a manual box put in. I have purchased the car like this, the problem is the speedo doesn't work. I have put it in to an auto sparky who put this down to rear abs sensors not being present. I have tried to scout around for abs sensors but haven't had any luck. Just courious to see what people's thoughts are on what the issue might be.

Also on the hunt for rear abs sensors. I am aware toyota stocks them, just not prepeared to pay the $200 per price tag

Can Ya Guys Please Help Me Win A Sti Jacket

Posted by NZandyTez (VIP Member) at Aug 30 2017, 05:08 PM. One comment

hey guys

I know I havent been on here in a while since I sold my V8 altezza but just if anyone can please help me win a suby jacket haha... please go to the link below and like the embedded link

really appreciated, sorry im a useless club member nick

Looking For Previous Owner

Posted by Vex (Std. Member) at Aug 9 2017, 11:42 PM. 0 comments

Hi Everyone,

I've recently purchased a 99 3SGE SEXE10 Tezza from a young lad down here in Wellington. He only had it for 6 months previous to me. Last owner was for 7 years as i've been told.

I have a feeling it used to be owned by one of the members here as it has an AltezzaClub sticker outlined in a window.

Would love to get some more information on the car as the last owner was a bit clueless.
I can post more pics if needed.

Rego KJC752


Full TRD Kit
Smoked Indicators, Custom black out tail lights
Racing Dash Angel Eyes Kit
Bronze Volks TE37 18x8.5 w/ Nitto Invo 235/40s
Rolled Guards
External Mounted Coil Packs
HKS RS intake
Greddy Oil Catch Can
TRD Headers and Exhaust
Supra Brakes
BC Gold Adjustables
Greddy Strut Brace
Cusco front member brace
Cosco rear subframe
TRD Rear view mirror

Posted Image

Rip Past Member's Cars

Posted by xnickx (Admin) at Aug 2 2017, 09:11 PM. 9 comments

So as time goes by, some of our original members have slowly started to sell up their cars for various reasons, but most of the older members will always remember some of these iconic cars that helped make up this once full of energy gathering of like minded enthusiasts!

So thought I would start a (very sad) thread dedicated to previous members cars I see pop up etc that helped make this club what it used to be!

First up is:
Corey aka turbo tezza's Altezza, if I'm not mistaken Corey was one of the original members that helped start up the club when the old boys (and girls) got slowly kicked off a Lexus Owners Club as they were Toyotas and not Lexus.
See HERE for the build thread.

Now for the glory shot, one of the last pics I could find from the build thread of the car in her prime;
Posted Image

Such a pity but here goes:
Posted Image

Still rocking the original Gen1 club decals too!
Posted Image

Megasquirt Ecu

Posted by Kinkywink (VIP Member) at Feb 26 2017, 08:23 PM. 2 comments

Just wanting to start a discussion on what you fellows think of running a megasquirt ecu in the ol'tezza?
Clearly theres other options, such as the powerfc, which is now becoming quite had to come by, I've seen one on trademe for about 800 dollars, there's the link g4 as well.

the specific ecu I'm looking at is the megasquirt 3, either the pre-assembled or the DIY kit, its got all the bells and whistles, not to mention the fact that it just plain works at the least with a built in map sensor so i can rid that awful AFM that is so picky in the current setup!

the prices I've seen for the DIY kit is about $449 USD and $669 for the assembled kit.

what do you guys think?

Engine Swap

Posted by PlatinumGroot (Std. Member) at Nov 10 2016, 01:16 PM. 7 comments

A little bit of background to why I'm thinking like I'm thinking !!
I own a very nice Platinum manual IS200 , lowered a bit with some 8.5 x 18 wheels on it 1.6 degrees negative all round and I drive it pretty hard .
Oh I have also fitted 315mm disc's and four spots on the front.
Problem is it's SLOW !!
Previous car was two S3 RX7's with bridgeport 13B's weighing very close to a tonne and about 240 HP so the IS when I first got it felt very very slow , mind you after all the time and money spent making the RX7 stop and handle the IS shamed the RX7 completely stock.
This is the second car in the family and mainly my go to work and back transport.
I will have this car for a while as my son has just learnt to drive in it and my 14 year old daughter will be doing so also .
I will have this car for at least the next 3 years.
So , I do not have much of a budget to spend on it to get some speed and before anybody starts on the 1J/2J road I consider those motors too old and too heavy and way too expensive especially when I have to change gearboxes as well and certainly cannot afford a Supra 6 speed so would have to go back to a 5 speed....YUK !!
My original thoughts have been towards a Merc supercharger with the clutch on it .
I have the knowledge and the ability AND the resources to make my own mount and everything else required so it makes it pretty cheap to do .
An extra 50 HP down low to give me about 200 HP would be enough for me and although 250 HP would be better I do not want to go internal to strengthen up the engine , too much cost .
SOOOOOOO , how about an IS250 V6 with the manual 6 speed ?????
A sub 80,000 K engine can be had for $550.00 easily and a manual gearbox about the same !!
I get a nice free revving 215 HP V6 engine with a 6 speed box with everything stock , no weird bell housing adapters , no custom clutch crap all bolt up for around $1100.00 !!
Plus all alloy engine so a weight saving there AND engine will be shorter and will sit back nicely in the engine bay !!
Double VVTI , direct injection a cam chain which is good for life of engine , car will do 7 litres per 100 k !!
Only engine mounts and drive shaft to worry about.
Plus electrics of course but you have that on any engine swap.
Personally I think that unless you are chasing big HP the day of the 1J is coming to an end , a 310 HP IS350 engine can be had for about a grand .
I could go for the IS350 engine which will bolt up to the same 6 speed but I just don't need the extra HP , if anything later on a supercharger in the Vee would give me a 60 HP boost which would be nice .
As to ECU would just go for a LINK G4 which can run the direct injection and the VVTI .
Looking for thoughts ?
Keeping my situation in mind of course !!