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WELCOME! Mindbreak (previously Kriff This!) started out in 2004 mainly as a place for people to discuss the Expanded Universe aspect of the Star Wars fandom. Since then, it has become a place where all kinds of junk is talked about, so now this board is more of a multi-fandom, general board where we discuss all kinds of different craziness.

We are a friendly bunch and we don't bite, so come on in, register and take a seat. Put your feet up, get a drink, discuss all kinds of randomness (examples: video games, movies, costumes, conventions, tv shows, somebody's mom, graphics, web sites, har har har, blah blah) or take part in a side project (in-character forums, costume projects, BioShock roleplay, CV Non-Con, etc.)!

Anyways, we are looking forward to having you join the Mindbreak family! Introduce yourself in the n00b thread, get a new title, change your avatar, post -- whatever! And of course, we will welcome you with open arms. :hehe

<3333, your friendly Galactic Administrators of DOOM!,
Tenel Ka & Mace

Come on in and join!

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