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MKFR Board Guidelines (Oct. 1, 2010)
Version 2.0, by Captain Cook on Oct. 1, 2010

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor! We hope you'll enjoy yourself here and be mindful of the following rules. These are here so the community runs properly, so keep these in mind:


--1. Flaming

Flaming is defined as openly bashing someone for the sake of insulting them.

Example: "Wow, you're retarded! Go mess in your toilet, eat from it and die."

It's meant to be an insult and nothing more. Flaming is not tolerated on the forum, and it will be dealt with accordingly. Also, don't act like an elitist. If someone messes up, or isn't doing that great in a post or what not, don't bash that person. It counts as flaming and it will be punished severely.

--2. Trolling

Trolling is deliberately acting in such a way as to get negative responses out of people. It can incorporate other rule breaking, such as flaming and spamming.

Example: "DEATH TO ALL JEWS!!!"

If all you are here for is aggravating people to death, then you don't belong here.

Also, avoid posting inflammatory material, as it is not beneficial to the community.

--3. Spamming

Spamming is essentially just posting just for the sake of posting or increasing your post count.

Example: "LOLOLOL igpay atinlay 1337 h4x BUY VIAGRA Pants."

Spam, while it sometimes can be subjective, will be examined and dealt with by the staff if the case may be. Additionally, if the case is that you have to add something to a recent post, use the edit button and edit that post instead of posting again. Bumping a topic just for the sake of bumping it is not allowed either, unless you have something to add to the topic.

In addition, any;
- messages without any readable content,
- posting of irrelevant file attachments,
- deliberate repeat posting,
- posting intended only to "bump"/revive a topic,
- posting of referral links to "free iPod" or other similar sites,
- Excessive posting solely for advertising anything "valid"
(such as MMOs in Video Game Discussion),
- or other posting deemed completely pointless not mentioned,
will be considered spam and are therefore not permitted.

--4. Necroposting

Necroposting is generally frowned upon on the forums, especially when it deals with topics directly relating to MKF. Necroposting is posting in a topic that is really old. As in, a few months, or just really out of date. Before you post in the topic, check the last date on it, and make sure that the topic is still relevant before posting. Lastly, if you wish to post in a very old topic, PLEASE KEEP YOUR POST RELEVANT TO THE TOPIC. If you see necroposting that does not apply to any of the above, REPORT IT TO A MODERATOR AND/OR AN ADMIN. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN RESPONSE TO THE NECROPOST.

--5. Illegalities

Warez. Roms. Piracy. A rather legally grey area in some cases (with roms and emulators), and a rather illegal area with filesharing and piracy. Generally, while it is fine to discuss if you have pirated, or if you use emulators and what have you, the distribution of said files is taboo. Please do not post in the forum asking for roms/warez, and don't post any links to them either. DO NOT REQUEST OR POST LINKS TO ROMS, WAREZ, SERIALS, CRACKS, OR ANY SITES WITH THESE THINGS.

--6. Explicit Content

Anything that is Not Safe For Work (abbrieviated NSFW) yet is somehow relevant to the topic should be linked to with an NSFW warning. This does not mean you can make topics for porn and such. Don't. And whatever you do, do NOT post that content directly on the boards! You will be punished severely if that takes place.

--7. Controversial Topics

Posts on forbidden topics are subject to locking or outright removal on sight. They are forbidden largely because they frequently lead to violation of other rules, especially flaming. The following topics are forbidden from discussion on the forums:
- Whining about permitted topics
- Polls with either one choice or far too many choices
- Polls or discussion about favorite/least favorite site-related person.
- "Vendetta" topics that bash any person, whether it is a forum-goer, or other people who were banned from the forums.
- Whiny drama-queen emo topics. Example: threatening to leave. If you hate it here, get out of here. We do not need to listen to you troll for attention.
- Excessive "What's your favorite..." topics
- Baseless threats against any user.

EDIT: (JS is going to add it soon, anyway) Due to the rise of the Controversial Topics and Debates board, some sensitive topics are allowed (politics, religion, etc.). In that board, you must show utmost respect to all posters, no matter how vile, stupid, or wrong you think they are. I don't care if a Jihad-happy terrorist posts inflammatory material; you are to keep your cool and call a moderator via reporting. Any rule-breaking should not be replied to; use the report system instead like you would anywhere else.

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

--8. Annoying behavior

The following behavior is just plain annoying and unnecessary:
- Being a Grammar Nazi (fussing at other people for their spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)
- Backseat Modding (telling other people what rules they're breaking despite not being a moderator and thus having no right to do anything about it. YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN RESPOND TO A RULEBREAKING TOPIC/POST. Report it instead!)
- Fussing with Mods over enforcing rules (Again, you don't have the authority)
- Making Multiple Accounts (There's no reason you should need a second account. Everything about your account is customizable in the control panel and you can request a name change if needed. Being caught using multiple accounts will result in the banning of all accounts.)
- Asking to be on the MKFR Staff (The answer will be no and possibly never. If you want to be on the staff, prove it by abiding by the rules, sending quality reports, contributing to MKF/SMF:R, and/or whatever else is applicable for the position.)

For instances dealing with rule-breaking, please use the Report button at the bottom of their post. You may also wish to contact the member privately (or moderator should the issue be rule enforcement).

If you still think the issue isn't solved, you can contact a different staff member/go up the staff ladder (Moderator to SMF/MKF Dev to Admin to MKFR Founder JudgeSpear at the top)

--9. Following Directions

Some boards have rules specific to them. Some topics will also have set guidelines for them by whoever created the topic. You are to pay attention to what is being said in the board specific rules or topic rules. Do not sass forum staff telling you what to do; you should be doing it. Again, if you have issues, contact them privately following the guidelines in Rule 8.

--10. Using the Shoutbox

The shoutbox is here to assist in making announcements. All MKFR rules should be followed when using the shoutbox as applicable. If the devs need it for something, give them utmost respect.

--11. Reporting

The Report button at the bottom of posts is the preferred method Members can use to deal with rule-breaking posts. It should be used as such. Using the Report function any other way (e.g. abusing the system by sending multiple reports or sending intentionally false or inflammatory reports) is seen as spam and will be dealt with accordingly.



A. You have no idea how many times we've seen this question or variations of it. THIS IS NOT A HACK. This is a custom-made fangame created using Game Maker and using a heavily edited version of the Hello Engine.



A. If you have a question about the game, please read the readme files and the in-game help (press F1 in the game) before posting help questions.


A. Do not ask about release dates for the next version. We do not give out release dates. Why? If we announce a date and we miss it, people will get disappointed. New versions will be released as they get done.


A. Actually, don't ask anything at all about the new version. We'll release info on the new version when and if we feel like it.

And don't ask this kind of stuff for SMF:R either! Or KRPG! Or Super Castlevania III! Or any project, for that matter!


A. If you have a bug or an error you wish to report, post it in the Bug Reports forum.


A. If you are experiencing problems with MKF not loading, this is because of GM loading everything before letting you play. This problem is well known and is constantly being addressed. In the meantime, just wait and give it more time to load, or just wait until a later version is released.

Q. MKF is too slow when running!

A. Game Maker uses a lot of your computers resources when running a game, because of that some older computers cannot run MKF at the full frame rate.
Some suggestions are:

Close any unused program that is running, set MKF's priority level from the Task Manager to high.

Most people with 2.3 to 2.8 prosscessers with 3GB of RAM or higher are able to run MKF at full speed.

Minimum System requirements would be a 2GHZ prosscesser with 1.5 GB of RAM.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

-The Fusion Development Team
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