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We have moved.

The Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor has been integrated into a new site: Fusion Gameworks (formerly Fusion Fangaming). In addition to MKF, Fusion Gameworks includes all fangames made by members of the team, such as:
*Super Mario Fusion Revival
*Super Castlevania 3
*Xeno Fighters R
*Mega Man: Day in the Limelight

URL: http://www.fusiongameworks.net/

Having all of those games under the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor name overshadows them. Thus, we have become Fusion Gameworks, where all our games are now covered under one entity. the entire contents of this board is still available. It is just offline to make it clear we have moved. If you need anything from this now-defunct forum, let one of the administrators or developers on Fusion Gameworks know.

Most importantly, a huge thanks goes to the Spriter's Resource for providing hosting!

Please update your bookmarks and register at Fusion Fangaming!

To all of you who have taken part in the vandalism of this board starting at around January 14, 2013: You've been caught. Your little fun is over, and you have been dealt with accordingly.
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