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yeah Axe armors! That's a good bit! Can't have a castlevania game without those guys. they're always a pain, like medusa heads escpecially when there's a handful in one area. BTW Obreck i'm really diggin the waterfall levels. It's got moving water right? Lots of fishmen two i'd assume. Wanted to know what enemy is on the top screenshot above alucard(Roman soldier-ish) never seen that foe before.Just to ask, hypothetically, if you now have alucard playable aswell as trevor, how will you use the two interchangeably? In the nes version i believe you'd hit the select button to switch. How will that play out here? Have you gotten that far yet? Oh before i forget under character discussion group reiko26 and i have been brainstorming on some ideas for possible intro and ending parts. If you get a chance you should jump over to that page. We haven't yet posted the intro stuff yet but did with the ending scenes for all 3 characters. Don't know if they'll be of interest but theyr'e there.
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