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Rock it Boy!!

Galamoth what a pain! Yeah he'd be in the high hit point side if ported from sotn. Far more than even shaft,death, or dracula. The best way he suffers is by knifes(holy water did nothing in sotn). I love suprises especially when guessing who you'll be up against at the end of a stage. How about Igor and Frankenstein. No wait they'd be in a dungeon or something. Defenitly not a Amodokon Mummy level either. I don't know. It ain't drac, at least i know that. What about that Zephyr boss with the claws. Ya know the one that looks like wolverine with red hair. I'm guessing it's not medusa she should be on the ship i think. Maybe it's a leventhian demon boss. Should be fun! Can't wait to find out. Ooh man i have this CV song i don't know where its from it'd be perfect for the inbetween levels(taking the high road,low road with you friend). Reiko Alucard is in game now! CHeers!
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