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Are we back?; Another round of Phoenix Down.
Topic Started: Dec 31 2015, 09:54:37 AM (126 Views)
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Sayonara, myself.
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Hi, everyone!

This is Phio from Raindrops Scanlations. Thank you to everyone who visits this small forum. The team used to be around using this forum for projects coordination, but later on we moved to another domain and this forum became defunct. The group then went on hiatus for years; the new blog and forum was no longer updated. Now that we are trying to kick things back into life, at least to finish Mou I-yo and Pupipo!, we are going to use this forum again instead of creating a new one. Announcements and new releases will be displayed here instead of the blog.

Any questions or problems, feel free to ask me. Unfortunately I don't check this forum that much (yet) because there's only me around ( :cry: ) but I'll do my best. If you need me urgently or I'm too slow responding here via forum, just poke me by sending an e-mail to pinklovegreen@hotmail.com and I'll respond ASAP.

Enjoy your stay and thank you again! :thumbsup:
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