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.:J E N N' S - CL E A N I N G - T U T:.
Topic Started: Mar 31 2011, 01:30:39 PM (152 Views)
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Well, this is my guide to cleaning. I am too lazy to add screenshots though so try to follow along.

Programs Used: Photoshop CS5, Topaz Denoise 5.0
Difficulty Level: Low - Medium (Needs a lot of patience)

So first you open up your raw image. If you don't know how to open up an image then you can just go google, no way am I teaching that.

Before you do anything else you must rotate your image, there's no point in cropping first because you'd just have to crop it again afterwards. To rotate the image go to the eyedropper tool and hold it down for a bit, other tools should pop up after a while. Click the ruler. Now find a line that you know should be straight. Click and drag from one point of that line to the other. After that go to Image>Image Rotation> Arbitrary. Then your image should be straight. If you want to check then use the rectangular selection tool to check if the lines line up.

When cropping you should select the whole thing first then zoom in so that you can get it perfect. Usually there is a side that has a bigger part of the image lifted off the edge. You should bring in your cropping window just a bit farther in the the farthest point. Do this for all of the sides then press enter.

Now duplicate your original image and click Ctrl+L
The levels window should've popped up. Mess around with the levels until you think it is as white/dark as you can get it and still look good. You know you've over leveled when the grays start disappearing or when you can't see textures anymore.

Redrawing/Getting Rid of Text:
Well the next part is to make a new layer. All of your redrawing should be done on the new layer. When you want to make something white do it on the duplicated layer so as not to get rid of your redrawing lines. I'm not going to teach how to redraw though because everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) has their own way of redrawing. Let me just say, you'll eventually be thankful the clone tool was ever invented and will probably start worshiping it. After you're satisfied with your redrawing merge the new layer and the duplicated layer together.

First of all, this is only my way of cleaning. There are many ways to clean and you will probably develop your own. Working on the merged layer, make sure the image is in rgb mode right now. If it is then go to Filters>Topaz Labs>Topaz DeNoise 5
A window will pop up. Now mess with the settings so that it looks good but not too blurry. Save.

If there is still static on the image it's best to go over in black brush. It may take longer but using the burn tool gives the image an overleveled look to it.

Now duplicate that layer and go to Filter>Stylize>Diffuse and click Anisotropic.

Duplicate that layer and set the blending mode to multiply.

Duplicate that layer and go to Filter>Other>High Pass and have the radius be about 10.
Then on that same layer go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set the radius to about 2.7
Then set that layer's blending mode to Soft Light.

Now merge the top layer with the layer below it. Then merge that merged layer with the layer below it. Then changed the merged layer's opacity to about 30%-60%.

Finishing Up:
After you are done with all of that then flatten the image and change the color mode to Grayscale if there isn't supposed to be any color. The resize the height to 1200px.
Finally, save it as a png file.

I hoped this tutorial has helped you :happy walk:
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