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Basics!; What does an editor do?
Topic Started: Jun 23 2011, 05:39:53 PM (83 Views)
Barahime Holic
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The big question. There's 2 kind of editors: Cleaners & Typesetters. These are some of the normal activities Cleaners & Typesetters do... and even the QCer have to know a little of this too... !


* Pre-level the pages. You can do this with any brightness/contrast manipulator program. (i.e. Microsoft Picture Editor, or Photoshop-CTRL+L, for leveling or GIMP)
* Rotate the pages. Rotate the pages to it's supposed to be angle. All horizontal must be horizontal, same as to the verticals.
* Crop the pages. Crop those excess spaces on the sides of the pages.
* Import to PS CS# (Any Photoshop version. Really recommend CS4) or GIMP.
* Clean the Pages. Use another layer to fill up the white or to "erase" those Japanese characters. Use a different layer for filling up the blacks on the pages. This is important, 'cuz if you just clean the original pages, the Typesetter maybe won't know where the translation are supposed to be!!
* Save as PSD. Always in PSD format. There's someone who can't use Photoshop & I recommend the program GIMP, I'll explain the diferences in another topic, anyways, GIMP also gives you the option to save your work in PSD format.
* Rar or Zip it then upload.


* Download the specified fonts. Usually, there's a special pack of fonts for every project, I don't know about this scanlation yet.
* Replace the characters with English translations.
* Save in PSD. Always. Like I said, GIMP also gives you the option to save your work in PSD.
* Rar or Zip it then upload.


* Download the font sets. PS automatically changes the fonts which couldn't be seen in your library of fonts. This will cause you to re-do all of the typesetting again. Better have all the fonts used before opening the files. Better for the typesetter/editor to have back up of the files.
* Check the pages. properly rotated, cropped, no more extra spaces, extra blacks or whites?
* Check text errors. Technical error, logical error (if the speeches are not in order, re-do the typesetting.), typos, grammar check.
* Finalize.
* Save into PNG format. Except Colored Pictures (are in JPEG).
* Rar or Zip it then upload.

Any Questions?... I get carried away easily, so maybe I used some words you didn't get or maybe you use another kind of guidelines... ?? I put these, 'cuz those are the usual...

Feedback is important, also I would like to know your strengths & Weaknesses to know in what should I focus...

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Wow. This is pretty helpful, I always cleaned directly on the manga, and I never actually noticed that the typesetter might not know where to put certain texts! x.x
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