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{open} Quality Checkers; Urgency level: HIGH
Topic Started: Aug 20 2011, 04:55:49 AM (179 Views)
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Quality Checkers

Urgency Level: HIGH

What is a quality checker?
A quality checker is someone who works to confirm the quality of a chapter worthy of being released to the readers or not. Quality of a chapter is decided by two things: quality of the grammar of the texts and quality of the scans. The raw has been processed by translators, proofreaders, cleaners, and typesetters in order to provide a good chapter; a quality checker job is to make sure that those people have done their work well in those areas. In other words, a quality checker is expected to once again check the grammar of the texts and correct mistakes the proofreader(s) missed and also to once again check whether the scans have been cleaned and typeset properly. A quality checker, therefore, decides whether a chapter is worth releasing or not.

Raindrops Scanlations' projects open for new quality checkers:
1. Mou I-yo
2. Pupipo!

What are the requirements to apply as a quality checker for Raindrops Scanlations?
To apply as a quality checker, you must have a good English skill and you must know how to clean and typeset properly. Past experience in working as a quality checker is important but not compulsory.

How to apply as a quality checker for Raindrops Scanlations?
There is no test. Contact phio_chan via e-mail at pinklovegreen@hotmail.com, send a private message (PM), or write a reply in this thread using this form:
[b]Name:[/b] (a name you would like to be referred to on the credits page)
[b]Activity:[/b] (how much time you can give for Raindrops to do your work, how busy/free are you)
[b]Series you would like to do:[/b] (refer to each position's thread to see what series need what, can be more than one)
[b]Experience:[/b] (if there is any)
[b]Additional notes:[/b] (anything, optional)

Additional notes:
Raindrops Scanlations is a team. In working in a team, there is only one element needed: communication. This is very important. All applicants must be willing to communicate actively with the managers and the team, be it through e-mail or at the forum. You are expected to check your e-mail inbox or the forum at least once a day to keep up with important notices about the team. During your application, we might need to ask you several questions, so make sure you're ready with it and provided us with a contact form we can use to reach you. Further questions can be addressed to phio_chan.

Thank you for your attention, and we are looking forward to see your applications! Happy scanlating! :)
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