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Pseudo Science at it's finest; Explain the normally unexplainable
Topic Started: Mar 17 2009, 09:05 PM (1,840 Views)
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Cynic extraordinaire, eggnog thief, and imma back for the fish.
Here we explain the science behind our practices. Be it magic or technology, here's the place to discuss the underlying principles behind them...


Oriculum- In a dark ritual, hundreds are slaughtered at once to create an ounce of this unbreakable material, for every ten dozen souls. Said to have it's properties because of the soul's in ability to give in. Anyone caught with the material in possession is sentenced to death.

Mythril: The "mythical" metal, turned out to be useless outside of arms applications. It's very soft bordering on play dough quality defense, however it reacts violently to certain substances making an extremely effective bomb material.

Admant: A Green material which seems to be unbreakable, it's heavy weight limits it's implementation in armor. It has been mostly used in stationary defense platforms, electronics and specialized workers tools. However Steel and Iron were brought back into popular use in other construction as mythril will wreck anything made out of it.
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door
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The Pancreas of this forum
Some know I have 3 versions of my character Rachel. All are werewolves of some sort, but 2 are relevant to this.

There is a type of technology called "Shikaar", mainly used for turning organic material into energy stores or weapons, or both. Some would hesitate to call it "technology" due to the fact that it heavily involves magic.

First, there is the Shikaar jewel. There one version of Rachel that was affected and gained her werewolf form, as she was a werewolf that couldn't change into a werewolf until she was affected by the Shikaar jewel. It allowed her to go back and forth from her normal form to a werewolf, but the werewolf acted as a different personality. Basically, there's a reason she declares herself a schizo.

The other Rachel was human, and she was permanently turned into wolf like creature because the jewel was specifically made for a particular wolf like alien creature. This Rachel has more story behind her, and will be referred to, alone, by her other name, Crystal Wolfe.

In any case, any creature affected with a shikaar goes through a major physical change. The skeleton is replaced with a crystalline structure, and most of the organs are deconstructed into simple organic matter. The crystals act as an outlet for energy, as well as storing energy (both Rachel's can store kinetic energy). Although most organs are lost, the crystals and organic matter make up for the loss. In fact, Crystal's body becomes nearly half crystal by the time she becomes a commander for a, for lack of a better term, space police group.

Shikaar are kind of like cyborgs, except instead of metal and synthetic skin, it's crystals and organic matter, and there are many grades of Shikaar jewels (Crystal's pretty high, although at most given times she can only used up to 35% of maximum power due to the fact her shikaar jewel was made for a larger creature.)
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Cynic extraordinaire, eggnog thief, and imma back for the fish.
Magic Vs Guns Vs Swords

In my world you're wondering the merits of swords in a world of guns....

Guns were the main form of combat until the Haecians came and introduced magic in the year 2287. After they warded off HYDROGEN bombs with their magical barriers and took shotguns to the head without flinching, the humans realized if they didn't find a way to defend themselves they were screwed.

The Federation was originally formed for the sole purpose of trying to progress forward to form a solid defense. While this proved pointless after the Haecians realized they were scaring them shitless and they weren't fighting for the sake of fighting, they still kept up weapon development and advanced in cybernetics and firearms technology however......

The Ascadians decided this was foolish and started releasing magic into it's order along with reinventing swordplay to combat the demons. Swords were ensured to help bypass the warrior's thick hide, and the holy magics often proved deadly to their kind.

However in converse the Haecians had guns and simply SHOT the mages to death.....only to be quickly impaled......by people who's head's were being blown off....

Creating the Hieharchy Guns>Spells>Blades>Guns
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door
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SOS Mage
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Creativity is the ultimate power
Skillkill,Mar 24 2009
07:02 AM
Creating the Hieharchy Guns>Spells>Blade>Guns

lol, Rock, Papper, Scissors =P
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Cynic extraordinaire, eggnog thief, and imma back for the fish.
I SHOULD do mana first but mana's list isn't finished for me

Magic types

All things that exist conduct mana. When an person attempts to concentrate mana onto their person using this property, using their willpower, and a chant, power word or glyph to control the spellcaster's ability so they don't backfire,completely jettisoning their mana reserves killing the mages instantly.

Glyph magic: Often the fastest cast as unless you have a mana impairment, the spell goes as fast as you can draw it with your finger. The major drawbacks are that without security, casting can be interrupted without any effort by tossing a pebble in the path. Another problem lies in that if you can't draw well you can backfire easily, and it is neigh impossible for normal mages to preform the spells without harming themselves if they use it in close proximity. Principles of attack and defense spells have been incorporated in glyphs before but it takes extreme skill to preform them.

Chant magic: Obvious. Chant an incantation, say the spell name, get the result. The chant provides the most control over a spell and if you can read it you can cast it, however some spells require a sleight of hand instead of or alongside them. Powerwords are the advanced form of chant magic, where you preform the spell from the name, a quick slight of hand, or a combination. They tend to cost alot more though to bypass the security, and can often hit allies.

Objects engraved with glyph magic can become enchanted and songs with chant magic incorporated can become very powerful spells.
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door
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Robert Omb
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Detonation in 3... 2... 1...
It seems my story takes place in a very strange world indeed. Earth is entirely unrecognizable by the time it takes place, so yeah. For the sake of being better understood, I will be gradually updating this post with information regarding "my" world, in an effort to clear up/explain some of the more bizarre elements.

A. Physical changes to the world
1. Movement
a. Baja California Peninsula
b. Alaska
c. South America
d. Antarctica
e. Africa
2. Deletion
a. Japan
b. England
c. Iceland
d. Those-mini-ice-islands-north-of-Canada
e. Switzerland
f. Australia
g. The Vatican
h. Balkan Peninsula
i. Central America
j. Half of France
3. New locations
a. Sirian/Orbis Duo (2nd Moon)
b. Shi Space Station
c. New Andes Ridge
d. Atlantis
e. Nations3
f. Underground Domain
g. Desert of the Gray Sands
h. Ultima Destination
B. Of nations and populations
1. Humans
a. Sub-surface.
1. Ikitukcimija Republic
2. Ragdo Empire
3. Z'mro Kingdom
b. Above-surface
1. Cities of the Gray Desert
2. Reserve of Inferiors
3. Chahg Plateau
2. Non-humans
a. Hybrids
1. Cancerians
2. Leonides
3. u Hybrids
4. Cactus Hybrids
5. Other
6. Wilds
b. MK-528
C. Magic and technology
1. Magic
a. Classes/Elements
1. Fire
2. Water
3. Earth
4. Fire
5. Poison
6. Plutonia
7. Ice
8. Lightning
b. Alignments/Affiliations/Alliances
1. Normal
2. Light
3. Dark
4. Neutra
2. Technology
       a. Materials/Ores/Whatever
           1. Darksteel
           2. Cleariron
           3. Deoa
D. Events.
1. Pre D-Day
2. Pre M.H.E.
3. Pre Beginning

Here are links to some images to give everyone an idea of what the world looks like. Please note that this is very very old, and so, I will probably change stuff.

Map 1: Over the Atlantic Ocean
Map 2: Over Africa
Map 3: Over Australia
Map 4: Over Antarctica
Map 5: Over Greenland
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Cynic extraordinaire, eggnog thief, and imma back for the fish.
Because Rez brought it up here's how Claude's time stop works.

Claude is able to strip the mana of all things for a brief moment allowing himself to move unimpeded while everything else grinds to a halt. To do this he reverses his mana flow and releases all of his bodily mana to swap it with the environmental mana. The mana from his own body provides mana to whatever Claude is interacting with such as the air he breathes, the roses he throws in stopped time or the clothes on his body. This mana reserve prevents the inevitable suicide by time stop and also changes the properties of materials, allowing Claude to move even faster than usual, removing air resistance, the and the traction of various materials. Most who can achieve this sort of exchange have an auto switch although those who received the ability through traumatic means do not have a natural limit leading to two possible scenarios. 1. The user expends their full capacity ranging from twelve to eighteen seconds causing their hearts to burst instantly when they resume normal activity or 2. They resist the pain of several deaths for a full minute and are trapped in their motionless realm forever as the area itself resumes it's pace. As it affects mana and not time, even gods are susceptible to the technique although it strains the user more than usual when they take in that much mana.

Rez if you want to debate it go ahead just use a reasonable argument here
The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door
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Transcended Humans - Special humans who are transformed by Solien into a new type of entity. They have to pass through a certain ritual first before becoming a transcended human.
"There is no perfection. There is, however, excellence."

So... equalization to get your silly little video game mechanics in? Sure thing.
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Robert Omb
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Detonation in 3... 2... 1...
Because people are thinking that it does not run on matter, I'll try my best to explain how Wynona's Bomb Generator (and the other matter-alterator-machines) work.

As you all know, the bomb generator is a hybrid apparatus that is embedded into Wynona's entire body, ranging from her feet to her head.
The "exhaust" ports, so to speak (where the bombs appear when generated) are located on her shins, the bottom of her feet (plants? soles?) , the palms of her hands, and her forearms.

I have already said that Wynona's Bomb Generator (BG from now on) is an alchemy device, which implies that it works with matter. But since people don't see rocks disappearing, or something, people are questioning if it truly works or not.

You see, it does work with matter. How so? Well, as far as I know, air (oxygen + nitrogen + tons of other gases and whatnot) is matter, even if it's invisible.

Unlike the exhaust ports, the BG has intake ports all over Wynona's body, which means that she can take in air from, say, behind her back, and transport it through the BG itself into any exhaust port she chooses. Even though she can use the exhaust ports to intake the air, doing so will result in all the things Skill mentioned about not having air to detonate and whatnot, so it is simply more convenient to intake the air from a more distant part of the body.

Keep in mind that this will also work with water, for example, and that under no circumstances is Wynona incapable of using solid matter as "fuel" for the alchemy device.

As for not having the proper elements to make a bomb, I'll concede: yes, average air does not contain heavy metals, sulfur, and the like, but that's precisely why it is an ALCHEMY device: it transforms matter at an atomic level. All of the ingredients for the bomb are created separately within her to ensure that she won't explode out of nowhere, and are only placed together once the desired bomb is materialized in the exhaust port of choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since it DOES run on matter, if Wynona were to theoretically be able to survive in an absolute void (no matter except for herself), the BG would not work unless she resorted to one of two extremes: making the BG run on itself ("chew" off part of the BG to convert it into a bomb) or making the BG run on herself ("chew" off part of her body, be it from the inside or the outside, to convert it into a bomb).
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SOS Mage
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Creativity is the ultimate power
Planes of Existence

Ontological planes are what constitute the state of existence in a heirarchy of emanation. Emanation refers to how the The Ultimate Truth is the all-encompassing origin that is considered the most pure, perfect and true state of being and the lower the plane, the more impure, imperfect and false existence of being is. It is by this principle that metaphysical transcendence is the aim to achieve higher state of existence by overcoming the "illusion" of emanations as awareness and being awakens from the higher plane self. "Illusion" in this context would be the lower planes suppressing awareness and being of self on higher planes.

This is not the same nor should it be confused with plane in a geometric sense of shape or dimensional sense of parallel and alternative worlds.


Physical Plane: The lowest plane of existence, it is the the state of objecthood and subjecthood considered the most illusory experience where everything physical takes place. It consists of all concrete objects including matter and energy which are all merely imitations of form projected from the higher mental plane. The physical plane itself is divided into sub-planes called "dimensions" where object and subject are limited even further by the emanational illusion where the lower the dimension in which being has achieved, the more restricted it is on the physical plane. The dimensions of the physical plane in order of lowest to greatest are space, time and information. Dimensions are also considered concrete objects as well.

The physical plane is also referred to as reality.

Mental Plane: The intermediate plane of existence is the state of objecthood and subjecthood in which everything mental takes place transcending physical plane. It consists of all abstract objects, also known as ideas or abstract concepts, which act as the forms projecting imitations into the lower physical plane. However, all abstract ideas are merely actualizations, illusory projections of potentialities from souls of the spiritual plane. The mental plane itself is divided into sub-planes called "cognition" where object and subject are limited even further by the emanational illusion where the lower cognition in which object and subject has achieved, the more restricted they are on the mental plane. The cognitions of the mental plane in order of lowest to greatest are subconscious, conscious and superconscious. Cognitions are also considered abstract objects as well.

The mental plane is also referred to as mind.

Spiritual Plane: The highest, purest and most perfect plane of existence in which the duality of objecthood and subjecthood both cease to be, both are one in the same as everything spiritual takes place transcending the mental plane. It consists of souls that consists of infinite potentialities which project them as actualizations of abstract objects and subjects into the lower mental plane. The spiritual plane itself is divided into sub-planes called "illumination" where unity of being with the oversoul has or has not been achieved. The illuminations of the spiritual plane in order of lowest to greatest are enlightenment and nirvana.

The spiritual plane is also the absolution of any and every single existence and non-existence there is into a compendium of metaphysical singularity storing all there is. This is the true primordial origin where the spectrum of everything and nothingness is of total and unflawed oneness; the existence of entity, duality and self cease to be as true liberation from restrictions imposed by the soul is achieved upon achieving the Oversoul. It is the Oversoul, Source, The All or the Ultimate Truth.

The spiritual plane is also referred to as spirit.

The Supreme: Lying beyond the confines of every and any limit what-so-ever as it literally has power that goes a step beyond all levels of unlimited, incalculable and immeasurable; even beyond true and final infinity. Only The Supreme Being, the almighty creator occupies this level of meta-existence as nothing else will and cannot reach this rank; any and all attempts will automatically make all transcendence into Supreme loop right back into the planes of existence as transcendence into the Supreme doesn't even exist. In fact, the Supreme Being is The Supreme itself and the Akashic Records is merely an infinitesimal projection of it in the same manner emanations are merely infinitesimal projections of the Akashic Records. This suggests that everything and anything from the planes of existence and including the planes of existence themselves are actually just minor pieces of the Supreme Being.

This is also referred to as the pataphysical


In the fields of metaphysics, emanation (also called "projection") is the ontological phenomenon when entities from a higher plane of existence express themselves on a lower level of existence as an illusory shadow metaphorically speaking. However, just like the illusion and shadow metaphor, emanations are merely diluted copies of existences from a higher plane which conceals their true nature, considered inferior and less real than the higher level of existence a emanation is based on. This example suggests that entities from the physical plane (imitation) are illusory projections of entities from the mental plane (form) and that entities from the mental plane are illusory projections of entities from the spiritual plane (essence). Likewise, reality as a whole is an illusory projection of mind and mind as a whole is an illusory projection of spirit.

Emanations on certain levels use specific terms based on general classification and level of existence they're based in. The following below are included...

Actualization: Essence projecting form, it is spirit expressing illusory shadow that is mind. Actualizations include abstract concepts and ideas as well as all cognitions such as subconsciousness, consciousness and superconsciousness. Technically, anything and everything conceptual, idealistic, subconscious, conscious and superconscious is a actualization by definition of origin.

A conceptualization is a type of actualization that is considered partial due to how the form is imperfect, thus incomplete. As an imperfect actualization, conceptualizations are more liable to having their existence in mind to being dispelled due to their unstable nature that is less capable of holding up against interactions compared to perfect actualizations.

Materialization: Form projecting imitation, it is mind expressing the illusory shadow that is reality. Materializations include energy, matter and all dimensions such as space, time and information. Technically, anything and everything energy, matter, space, time and information is a materialization by definition of origin.

A Manifestation is a type of materialization that is considered partial due to how the imitation is imperfect, thus incomplete. As an imperfect materializations, manifestations are more liable to having their existence in reality to being dispelled due to their unstable nature that is less capable of holding up against interactions compared to perfect materializations.
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I know I already said it on Skype, but I might as well say it here: this is eerily similar to how I have souls work.

Just one more to add to the list of 'coincidental references that I apparently made'.
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