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One's Heart has Fallen
Topic Started: Mar 8 2012, 09:52 AM (270 Views)
Super Member
"Say, Kaya-chan, have you ever fallen in love before?" asked Arllia.

"Eh?" Kaya responded with a puzzled look.

The two girls are walking on a path leading up to a forested mountain. The day was cloudy as the sun was nowhere to be seen but its faint rays of light piercing through the clouds.

"Well, no," said Kaya. "Why did you ask that, Arllia?"

"Oh, I'm just curious," said Arllia. "Just wondering if anything else interesting happened in your travels while I was not around."

"Ah, really?" said Kaya. She put her right hand on her chin as if thinking of something. "Well, I did remember saying once that I fell in love with my dad back when I was six."

Arllia giggled. "That sounds cute," she said.

"Well, what about you, Arllia?" Kaya asked. "Have you fallen in love before?"

"No, I haven't thought about that yet," said Arllia. "Besides, I'm already in love with dancing."

"Is that so?" said Kaya. "Okay then."

They continued on their ascent as the path is slowly starting to get steep. Finally, they reached the forest. It was a little colder when they got there.

"So, what are we doing up here?" asked Arllia.

"I heard that a friend of mine moved from the city to the mountain," answered Kaya. "If I remember correctly, he has just acquired an old monastery a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to visit the place."

"Ah, I see," said Arllia.

Just then, they froze in their position when they hear a loud beastly roar. Kaya and Arllia gave each other a nod and ran off towards the direction. Arriving at the place, they spot a giant lizard-like behemoth the size of a house, covered in green scales all over its body. It releases another deafening roar.

A dragon.

"What's that thing doing in here?" said Arllia.

"I don't know," said Kaya. "It must be that dragon outbreak going around the news recently."

"What should we do then?" said Arllia. "Should we head back down and report to the authorities or should take it down ourselves?"

"I'm actually thinking of making their jobs easier," said Kaya as she unsheathes her sword.

"That would be a good idea," said Arllia as she pulls out her whips.

Just then, the dragon lets out another roar. This time, it was now looking at them.

"Tch! It found us!" said Kaya.

The dragon starts stalking towards the girls as they positioned themselves in defensive stances. Suddenly, a blue ball of energy was shot from the right side, hitting the dragon at its head. The beast let out a growl as it reeled from the hit.

"Where'd that come from?" said Arllia as she dropped her stance.

The dragon angrily turned its head towards its attacker to find a middle-aged man walking towards it. He was not showing any sign of fear.

"Ah, that's Mister Firago!" said Kaya with a smile on her face.

"...Firago?" said Arllia as she looked at the man.

The dragon quickly stretched its neck and opened its jaws to try and devour Firago in one gulp, but the man jumped up high and landed on its broad forehead. From there, he delivered a barrage of powerful palm strikes at its nasion, enraging it further. The beast shook its head violently to try and shake him off. Firago jumped off the creature and lands on his feet.

"Way to go, Mister Firago!" Kaya yelled out. Arllia seems to be watching silently in awe.

Just then, the dragon reared its head, pointing it towards the sky. Smoke was now coming out of its jaws. It seems that it was about to burn everything down with its fire breath.

Kaya's smile disappeared. "Mister Firago! Be careful!" she said.

However, it seemed that Firago had anticipated the dragon's next move. He launched two ki bolts towards the dragon's exposed neck. The dragon once again growled as it reeled from the attack. It fell off its feet, apparently weakened. But the man showed no mercy as he charged towards the head and delivered powerful right-handed ki-charged palm strike straight at its neck once more. The dragon's head flinched and fell down on the ground. This time, it was out cold for sure.

"Wow! Incredible as expected, Mister Firago!" said Kaya enthusiastically. "Thank you for saving us back there!"

"You're welcome..." said Firago without looking back. With this, he starts walking towards the direction from where he came from.

"That was really awesome, don't you think, Arllia?" said Kaya to Arllia. However, Arllia was not responding at all. She only turned to look at Firago before he disappears into the forest. She looked as if she was frozen.

"Arllia? Arllia?" said Kaya with a puzzled look on her face. She puts her right hand in front of her face and starts waving. "You still there?"

After a couple of seconds have passed, Arllia finally spoke.

"Kaya-chan..." she said weakly. Kaya put down her hand and approaches her closely. Then, she suddenly breaks into a smile along with a blush.

"I think I'm in love!"

"Ehhh?!" Kaya almost jumped backward by the surprise. "No way!"

"That man..." said Arllia. "He looked so impressive taking down that dragon. There's something about him that makes me... Ahhh! I'm too embarrassed to say it!"

She dropped her whips on the ground and covered her face with both hands while giggling. She was red all over.

"I don't believe it," said Kaya. "Of all the people to fall in love with, it had to be him. You must be digging the manly types, Arllia."

Arllia dropped her hands. "I don't know..." she said. "...I've also seen the likes of him... but that man is different."

"Well, we're heading towards his place," said Kaya. "That should make you happier."

"Okay then, let's go! I'm getting excited!" said Arllia as she starts running off to where Firago had gone.

"Ah, wait! Arllia, your whips!" said Kaya. But, it was too late. Arllia does not seem to hear it and disappeared into the woods.

"Geez, it's amazing what love can actually do to people," said Kaya as she picks up Arllia's forgotten whips. "Oh, well, I'm happy for her."

She follows the path into the woods towards the monastery in the mountains. Another unforgettable memory which would now stay in Kaya's mind is her friend's smile as her heart has fallen for a man.
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