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Gamefreak, the 202020th (Dr. Freak); The Doctor is now in...
Topic Started: Mar 30 2012, 04:24 AM (356 Views)
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"I do this for the lulz, not the victory."
*Name: Gamefreak, the 202020th (Also goes by the name Dr. Freak)
*Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - most of the time / Neutral Evil - When devoted to conquering and going to the absolute limit to progress his scientific findings / Chaotic Evil - When possessed under the will of 'R.M.'
*Age: 24
*Occupation: Super-Dimensional Scientist and Robotic Engineer
*Location of Residence: Originally from Alternate Earth Dimension #687, but currently the ruler of the self-named 'Dimension #202020'
*Gender: Male
*Height: 6 Feet, 2 inches
*Weight: 160 lbs.
*Species: Human
*Eyes: Blue
*Hair: Dirty Brown
*Appearance: A man with a grey undershirt and some black pants, which he normally wears under his lab jacket or more commonly, his battle armor. He based his battle armor after that of Mega Man's that has a yellow and blue color scheme with a black helmet which came in handy when he stumbled across the dimension where the events of the series were actually real.

*Personality: Dr. Freak appears on the surface to be a laid-back and nice guy, but this is really only a facade to mask the always plotting and always calculating mind within, who is going over several possibilities a second, knowing all too well about the alternative timeline theory. In reality, his scheming always put his advances in science above all else, and if push comes to shove, he's more then willing to backstab people in order to advance, however it's very very hard to pick this trait up from him until it's too late. His ultimate goal is to finish his 'Time Drive', which would allow complete access to anywhere in the Multiverse, and immortality, in order to continue to live to make new advances in science.

Even with his tendencies to backstab if the situation calls for it, He does recognize true talent when he sees it, and if he willingly goes out of his way to make a partnership, he plans on keeping it.

Whenever he uses the Robot Master weapons in his battle suit too much, the souls of the dead Robot Masters overpower his own spirit and temporarily take over his body and then goes by the moniker of 'R.M.' In this state, R.M. is a nigh-unstoppable and unpredictable juggernaunt of destructive force which use the Robot Master weapons to thier ultimate potential and even combine them to use the 'Obilvion Maker' attack which is pretty much a localized atomic blast. In this state, he doesn't matter what may happen to his body, he only focuses on getting the highest body count he can. After Gamefreak regains control of his body, he has no memory whatsoever of anything that happened after R.M. took over. However, one can try to reason with this force if they try to present him a method of how to remain in control of Gamefreak's body for good...

*Likes: Advancements in Science, a Successful Experiment with a Favorable Outcome, when his Schemes work.

*Dislikes: People who interfere with his work, Failed Experiments, Wasted Potential, When a plan falls apart


- Above Human IQ - Dr. Freak's IQ is quite high, able of doing complex equations needed in order to achieve cross-dimensional travel and Robotic Engineering to make his battle suit and army of various robots.

- Cross-Dimensional Travel - Dr. Freak, thanks to his devices, can teleport to any location in any dimension. However, he can't transverse Time at will yet, he can basically transverse Space at will.

- Battle Suit (All Robot Master Weapons) - Gamefreak's Battle Suit has all the Robot Master's weapons in it, due to absorbing their souls after defeating them, along with the basic Mega Buster. However, this is also the reason why Mega Man originally never carried more then 8 weapons at a time...the Souls can combine when given enough power and overtake Gamefreak's body....

- Robot Army and Armada - Gamefreak has a literal dimension full of Robots and Ships to be used in his conquering methods...a small pocket dimension the size of about 3 earths, but a dimension nevertheless. Most of the robots are simple mass-produced models with only a simple Charged Plasma Beam, Wire Capture Devices, and Jet Boosters, but he also created heavy duty combat models designed to be more of a challenge. His basic strategy is to overwhelm his foes with his massive supply of reinforcements.

*History: Dr. Freak was a smart kid from birth, and excelled at school. He later founded several theories about the existence of parallel dimensions and presented them to his peers and the possibility of traveling through them at will.

His colleagues laughed at his theories though, and told him to spend his time researching something actually worthwhile. Determined to prove them wrong, he continued his own research and completed his first cross-dimensional device. Using that device, he was able to enter a dimension where the events of a game on that planet called 'Mega Man' actually took place, and he was taken under the wings of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. However, unlike in the games, Dr. Wily killed Light before the events of the first game, and he was able to take over the world. Dr. Freak took the blueprints from Light's lab and added his own modifications to make it better and include the Cross-Dimensional device to create his own Battle Armor. He then proceeded to raise some hell and fight Dr. Wily's army of Robot Masters.

After killing them all and finally getting to Wily after many waves of Robot Masters, he asked that version of Wily why he would backstab Light. Wily said it was because Light laughed at his theories of making a robot army capable of maintaining true peace across the planet, and that he was holding back his advancement of science in the field of robotics for the sake of 'peace'. Having been laughed at by his own colleagues, Gamefreak took this to heart and felt some pity for Wily. He then left that dimension and made a robot army of his own to try and mimic Wily. Using said robot army, he was able to invade a less-advance dimension and wreaked total havoc across the universe to see if it was in fact possible of conquering an entire dimension. During this time, the R.M. persona emerged during some fights he himself was personally in, and all those fights ended in a complete massacre, with Gamefreak still completely unaware of R.M.'s existence. This experiment proved to be a success, and Gamefreak then sanctioned this dimension as 'Dimension #202020' and claimed it as his home base. He then proceeded to construct his 'Super Dimensional Fortress' using help from his robots and used it as his head lab. His new objective in life was to see just how far he could take his knowledge of Dimensions and Robotics and see just how far he can advance in science...
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SOS Mage
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Creativity is the ultimate power
*Doctor Freak looks through his space telescope and spots himself at the end of his own dimension*

Doctor Freak: I believe I am being watched by my ownself... somehooow.

Jokes aside, where does the tripe twenty come from again?
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