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Welcome to the home of Soulfire

We are a Citadel, Community and Event Clan. If you're 1700+ total and want to join, please register

Members can now check their xp rankings and xp gains by clicking below

If you wish to join SoulFire, before registering click HERE and post an application. If you have already posted your application please make sure you have read through our rules below and then register using your exact Runescape name.

After submitting an application and registering please join our clan chat (if not already in it), and notify staff so we can deal with your registration quickly.

If you are a current member of Soulfire and have lost your account. Please go Here, and follow the instructions in the thread. Thank you.

Soulfire is a fun and friendly community clan and we hope to have you with us soon! We focus on our Citadel, Skilling and Events (including combat related events).

SoulFire Rules:

1. Members are required to gather resources at our citadel on a regular basis.

2. No racism or offensive behaviour of any kind will be tolerated.

3. Respect each other and all staff.

4. If you have any issues with other members or staff, please talk to any staff member to get the problem resolved.

5. Please follow all jagex rules.

6. Have fun. Isn't that why we are all here?

When you apply, you agree that you will follow ALL Jagex rules as well as our own.