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In RS there are a whole bunch of things to do daily and weekly which can give a little extra cash or experience, despite them being beneficial I always neglect them and I feel having a list for me to check them off each day will make things a lot easier!

If you think of anything else to add, go to this thread HERE and reply. I will add them to the list :D

Bork - Found in the chaos tunnels after completing the Hunt for Surok miniquest.
Jack of Trades - Aura bought from Xuan. Guide can be found HERE
Shooting Star - Star Find fc or use a POH telescope to locate them in your own world.
Red Sandstone - Accessible after the As A First Resort quest. This also requires 81 mining.
Giant Chinchompa - Hunter D&D found just south of Tree Gnome agility course. Can be done twice a day.
Sinkhole - Dung D&D found in Daemonheim just west of where you teleport in. Can be done twice a day.
Battlestaves - Bought from Naff in Varrock and Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle.
Flax - Speak to Geoffrey in the flax field south of Seers Village to claim daily flax. Requires Seers tasks.
Water Vials - 1) Lighthouse, Jossik will sell you 20 packs of 50 vials for a total of 1k per day. 2) General store in Ardy will sell 6 packs of 50 per day.
Pure Essence - Wizard Cromperty in Ardy will give you 150 free essence each day. Requires Ardy cape 2 from achievement diaries.
Apples & Pineapples - Dell Monti gives you 40 of each daily. Requires completion of Easy Karamja achievement diary.
Free Tokkul After completing elite Karamja Diary, Tzhaar Hur Zuh (one of the bankers) will give you 8k tokkul each day.
Bucket of Sand - Bert at Yanille. Requires The Hand in the Sand quest. He will give you 84 each day.
Jade Vine - Patch at Ardy which can be fought once a day to gain farming and slayer xp. Back to my Roots quest is needed first.
War Bands - Can be done 3 times per day. Gives xp in mining, herb, smith, farm, and construction. I hear it can be very good xp. WARNING: It is in the wildy and you can be pk'd.

Penguin Hide and Seek - Speak to Larry in Ardougne Zoo to get started. World60Pengs fc for help.
Tears of Guthix - Use a games necklace to teleport to Juna to get started.
Circus - Location varies each week. Can get agility, mage and range xp. Can also get firemaking xp after doing a quest.

Troll Invasion - Burthorpe.
God Statues - 4 Locations: Burthorpe, Canifus, west of Yanille and Lumby farm. Construction xp.

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