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ReInspired [January 3]

Posted by Azu (Producer) at 4 Jan 2013, 00:09. 0 comments

I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty!

Happy new year to everyone! I hope the holidays have treated you well. :)

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the new changes on Inspire! There have been a number of housekeeping issues I've addressed for this incoming year as well as a few larger changes that will come into play. Most of my time away from Inspire of late has been spent redesigning the forum and deciding what parts need improvement and what sections are just confusing. I have been designing a new skin for the forum that will, unfortunately, take a bit of time to put together and to iron the kinks out.

As we continue the plot, I will be adjusting the site and its information pages. I will try to announce any updates I make in batches. In the meantime, this post should give you some idea of what I have in mind.

General Cleaning:
» All old announcements have been archived.
» Removed the old pin competition forum.
» Our member count has dropped from 90 to 47, now that member accounts that have never posted have been removed.
» The introduction forum automatically hides inactive topics after a month without replies.
» The departure forum has been emptied.
» All advertisements and affiliates have been removed from the Billboard forum.
» Google no longer mistakes Inspire as a spam website.
» The emoticons have been sorted so that all the Noise are together when searching through the menu, followed by all of the pins in their consecutive order.

Other news:
Since I have decided to delay my mass e-mail until after out visual update takes place, I am delaying the erasure of any Reaper, Noise, or Player that has not posted since October 1st, 2012 until a week after the e-mail is sent. Similarly, I will archive the W.I.P. that have not been updated since before December 1st, 2012 a week after the mass e-mail is sent.

» The quote generator in the main menu has x2 the number of quotes.
» The events page of the forum has been restructured into a webpage that will be located in the top menu of the forum until the visual update can be completed. As of now, it only contains missions and a link to our forum events page, however it will be updated once the plot is worked out.

» Stats have been completely removed from applications. They were a function left over from when Inspire was intending to be a stat-based RP forum and I now realize that don't have much purpose aside from confusing newcomers.
I am working on substitutes for store-bought items that people previously purchased to increase character stats. If nothing else, I intend to give people who purchased such items the option of a full refund.

New Features:
» A new Shiki-themed skin
» A special skin designed to minimize the number of images your computer has to load to open Inspire. It works well on mobile devices and in work environments because it is the most nondescript of our themes.
» The Portal's new member message has been removed. I have moved the welcome message to the header that is displayed to people who are not logged into Inspire.
» A condensed member list has been added to the Portal to make it simple for Players to locate Reapers, other free Players, and existing pacts. It also includes links that will be changed as they are integrated on Inspire.

Future Changes:
» Advertising Inspire in various RP directories and collections.
» Updating the rules and Navigation menu to remove outdated mechanism and make clear sense of how the site works.
» Possibly removing the top announcement box from the forum, replacing it with a combination of menus or headers that will better fit the site layout.
» Adding a new skin to the site to test a new format for the forum. This will include an image-based header that will be self-explanatory and text-less.
» Links to the side of the Portal will be adjusted to encompass general pages that will link to all pertinent information.
Ex. Instead of a link to the TWEWY Wikia Noise List, the link will be to a forum post that includes all Noise information require for RP here in the same layout as the in-game Noise list.
» The shoutbox will possibly be moved to the front and center of the forum index or the center of the Portal, somewhere more noticeable and accessible.
» A less passive achievements system.
» Pig Noise events at certain times or at certain benchmarks for Inspire that will function similarly to Pig Noise in the game.
» Character list will be reformatted in a way similar to the new box on the Portal.
» The Frequently Asked Questions will contain information about Inspire in a format that Players might find in their phones. It will contain in-character and out-of-character information.
» The events page will be updated once the G.M. restructures the direction of his control over the week according to our [member poll].
» The application section will contain a clear list of pins that cannot be chosen when a character is first being created.
» A simple guide for how the site works will be put together at the end of all these updates so that both new and old members will be able to easily find anything they are looking for.
» Will remove the Kaleidoscope forum soon, unless there someone is interested in purchasing it in the shop.

Some of the wording in this update is rather vague because I find it more productive to work on future changes rather than explain them in words. If there's anything in particular you are concerned or curious about, comment on this post (now that I've unlocked this forum for comments, as it was supposed to be quite a long time ago.) I will be glad to give you more detail or give you an update on how close things are to being finished.

The list of future plans may seem rather daunting, but I am already in the midst of working on most of them. I'll keep you all updated how things are going.

Plot Direction for the end of Week 1

Posted by Azu (Producer) at 14 Dec 2012, 13:20. 2 comments

If you are reading this on the Portal, please click THIS!

If you haven't already been following our discussion leading up to today in [this topic] then you'll already know that the plot as it stands cannot continue like it was intended. If you haven't been following, I suggest you read it before voting in this topic.

We have a few options as of now, shown above. However, this is not an end-all exclusive list!! If you want to have any input in the direction the site will be taking after our update on January 1st, this is the time to say something! If you want to add anything or offer specific comments, just post in the thread below.

So Zetta SLOW!

Posted by Azu (Producer) at 1 Dec 2012, 23:17. 0 comments

Intent to Revamp

To those members of Inspire that I gave a heart attack to earlier this week, this introduction is for you. It seems I let our spell of inactivity get to me- I seem to have forgotten that there are still members on this site that are still invested in it succeeding. For that, I sincerely apologize. I won't linger on the negativity of this any longer except to say thank you to kitsunaii especially for her perseverance in making me see that.


That being said, I think Inspire needs work. Saint, for one, has been quite vocal in the past about his complaint that it takes us several weeks to take down a single wall. You might notice we no longer have any walls. Recently, we've yet to complete a Week past Day 4. This isn't the fault of our members. Unfortunately, the partner system restricts the ability of members to advance the plot alone and sometimes even with another active member on site.

My new focus is to find an alternative for our forum. I want it to be possible to progress the plot so we aren't so often frozen in a single point in time.

I recognize that people have schedules that can easily prevent them from being able to post and I am sympathetic to that. I just don't want members who aren't busy to have absolutely nothing to do in the meantime. After all, Zerrogjochvonik can only destroy Shibuya so many times before Masuta's has enough and goes Joshua on us.

I would truly appreciate any member input on this. It can be what you have problems with on Inspire, ideas you have for keeping the story active, or just criticism for any of the finer aspects of the site.

Nothing is off limits right now.

If you're lost in the main story and you think that should be fixed, if you can't find a partner (well we're working on that, but you can still say it...), or if you have a specific issue with something more sensitive, such as the way I admin the site, don't be afraid to step up. This is the time that your comments will be the most valuable. If you don't feel comfortable commenting here for everyone to see, please send me a PM.

As of now, I am considering the idea of temporary pacts, for instance, making a pact at the beginning of each Day, to allow us to be more flexible when Players go missing or when they are erased. If this were the case, it would be more reasonable for us to become a little more strict about Player erasure for disappearing and not replying within a set time limit. Since we have alternatives (such as the shop) for Player's to return with their old character, it shouldn't cause undue stress for Players that have to leave for long periods of time, either.

Again, tell me what you think.


My intent is to revitalize the site on approximately January 1st. As of now that means that I will enact the following changes on the new year:
  • Removing all of the old announcements.
  • Clearing out all member accounts that have never posted.
  • Erasing any Player, Reaper, or Noise that has not posted after October 1st, 2012.
  • Archiving any application that is a W.I.P. that has not been updated after today, December 1st, 2012.
  • *Editing the introduction forum to automatically hide topics after they have been inactive for 30 days.
  • *Clearing out the departure thread of any threads that are no longer relevant.
  • Cycling some new quotes into the site for those of us who have seen the same ones for months.
  • *Having an entirely up-to-date Events page and Plot page.
  • Updating the rules to reflect any changes being made to the actual format of Inspire.
  • *Wiped all advertisements and inactive affiliates from our forums to start fresh.
  • Sending a single mass e-mail to every member of Inspire that may have forgotten the site since their first visit that says all of this in fewer words. Decided to wait until the visual update is prepared to launch.
  • Removing Google's mistaken notifications for negative activity throughout Inspire. Should be fixed! If you see a Google notification anywhere on iNspire warning for malware, please send me the URL, either as a comment to this or as a PM and I will remove it!
  • If the pin competition has not finished or nearly finished by then, there will be a fast forward so that the plot may progress. Don't worry, it won't be abrupt or full of pixie dust. However, the story will continue.
Anything marked by an * may be updated in the month leading up to January 1st. The rest will take place exactly on January 1st, 2012.

If you have an account of yours you would like removed, speak with me and I will work out any exceptions. The same goes for accounts that have no posts that should not be removed.

Very tentatively, I also hope to make a few more general changes by then, including:
     » Completing/clarifying the F.A.Q.
     » Including a mobile skin for the site for slow connections and for people to use in situations that obviously surfing a game site might not be ideal. (I.e. work or school)
     » Adding Inspire to various RP directories and general RP collections.
     » Taking out all the Navigation Menu stuff that make no sense. (i.e. Making everything legible and clear, as well as more organized.)
     » Reformatting the header menu so that it includes more things that are useful in a more appealing format.
     » Updating the application for Players to make forbidden pins explicitly clear and to explain stats.

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