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Unbowed Unbent Unbroken 2012-2018

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First Sword of Minus

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The First Sword of Minus
Announcement coming soon.

Love Wars 2018

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Thank you to everyone who came out to support the event this year. Well done to Minus, it's Champions, Challengers and beautiful Prizes!

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Congratulations to Cimber!

Congratulations to Cimber...
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...the Ubar of the Sands!

Well done to Leonidas for also making it to the Finals, and to all the competitors in this year's tournament. A huge thank you to Vorenus as well for all his hard work in organizing and judging the event!

Vorenus has included a special thank you to those who participated on the sidelines, along with individual awards showcasing the event's highlights and fighters. You can read it all here: [ Closing Remarks ]

Challenges in Minus

Our Story

The Cosian Occupation of Ar lead by the puppet Talena has been brought to a bloody end and the city has begun to reach out to Minus in a bid to reforge ties that were strained and eventually broken by the weight of Cosian interference. Under Cimber's leadership the town had declared itself independent of Ar during Talena's treacherous reign ending Minus' status as a tributary of the city. However, as those in Minus can attest Cimber's act incurred a great cost but one deemed worthwhile in the course of resisting tyranny.

Minus will continue working to maintain this hard fought independence but with Marlenus regaining control of City of Ar in a bloody uprising it is feared that in the Ubar's rumoured quest to reclaim territory lost during his daughter's dismal reign Minus may be among the first to feel his wrath. After all, while the Arian military has been crippled by the occupation it is not completely destroyed therefore still posing a threat to the town.

Thus, sensitive negotiations have taken place between the two sides meant to slowly re-establish peaceful and prosperous relations with the understanding that The Central Cylinder of Ar will no longer enjoy full authority over the daily affairs and governing of Minus as it had in the past. In return the town and its Administrator will support the city in both its rebuilding efforts and future plans to retake territories ceded to or currently allied with Cos elsewhere on the mainland.

As part of this negotiated deal young Arian warriors are now traveling to Minus to be trained in the newly created War Academy where they will learn under the Warriors of Minus, many of whom have ties to the great city to the south and have now fought in two major campaigns in the past five years. The stories of Minus' Warriors as they stood against Treve and its Cosian conspirators, and marching from the north (Lydius) to retake their home, has earned the town and its people a reputation in Ar for being strong and tenacious. Therefore, it is seen as an honour to both sides that Ar would request that its next generation of Warriors be trained by those of Minus as it set to work rebuilding its depleted military.

It is hoped by being apart of this process of rebuilding Minus will earn favour in the city and perhaps enough influence to continue keeping the Ubar at bay. For while all is well for the time being the people of Minus know all to well that the winds of peace may change without reason or warning, bringing with it the sounds of conquest...

Affiliated Rooms

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