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Approaching Minus: Map of Minus | Local Area | Pulldown List; Updated Apr. 2018
Topic Started: Mar 31 2014, 09:28 PM (1,697 Views)
Town Scribe
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Approaching Minus
Minus is situated between rivers and a lake to its North and West, and the Voltai Mountains to the East and South therefore making it well defended. Travel to Minus will be done through the following methods within the main room. The subrooms of Minus can only be used by Members of Minus or invited Guests of the home.

  • By way of the Verl River/Lake

    The Verl River is under the control of Minus and river traffic sailing from the Vosk is observed by the men stationed in the Verl Towers aka the Twins. The Towers are located at the mouth of Verl Lake and a heavy chain strung between the Twins prevents vessels from sailing through to Minus without first paying the toll (1 silver per vessel). Failure to pay the toll means vessels will not be permitted past.

    Vessels that enter the Verl or dock at the Minus River Docks are skiffs, punts, barges, fishing boats and river galleys. Larger vessels like those used to sail Thassa cannot navigate the smaller tributary of the Vosk. The following quotes support this:

    River Galley Quote: "I doubted that any of them now held less than a hundred passengers. It must be remembered, too, that these were river galleys and, on the whole, smaller than the galleys of Thassa. Too, the river galley, for those whom it might interest, is normally shorter masted than a Thassa galley, seldom has more than one mast, and seldom carries the varieties of sails, changed on the yard according to wind conditions, that are carried by a Thassa galley. River galleys, also, as would be expected, seldom carry more than twenty oars to a side, and are almost always single-banked."

    River Ship Quote: "Ar has no navy, being an inland power, but it has developed a fleet of river ships and these, often, skirmish with the river ships of Cos, usually built in Cos, transported to the continent and carried overland to the river. The delta of the Vosk, for most practical purposes, a vast marsh, an area of thousands of square pasangs, where the Vosk washes down to the sea, is closed to shipping. It is trackless and treacherous, and the habitat of marsh tharlarion and the predatory Ul, a winged lizard with wing-spans of several feet. It is also inhabited by the rencers, who live upon rence islands, woven of the rence reed, masters of the long bow, usually obtained in trade with peasants to the east of the delta. They are banded together under the nominal governance of the marsh Ubar, Ho-Hak. They are suspicious of strangers, as are Goreans generally. In Gorean the same expression is used for 'stranger' and 'enemy'. The situation on the Vosk is further complicated by the presence of Vosk pirates and the rivalries of the river towns themselves."

  • By way of the Ferry & Road

    A ferry operated by villagers in nearby River Bend which crosses the Red River. The ferry itself is a small barge capable of carrying 1 fully loaded wagon and several foot passengers. After crossing the ferry travelers may follow the Ferry Road to Minus' gates. Cost: 4 copper per traveler/1 silver per wagon.

  • By Air

    Given the proximity to the Voltai Mountains where Treve lies anyone on tarn may be challenged by the company of tarn cavalry housed at the Minus War Academy. At present Minus does not maintain public tarn cotes so anyone traveling to town by tarn will have to find other lodgings for their tarn. Access to the Academy cotes may be offered to those known to Minus and its Administrator, or seeking to train there.

Map of the Local Areas & Minus
Posted Image
Map of The Town
(This is map is considered OOC Knowledge if you have not visited or explored the town in roleplay)
Posted Image

  • 1. Road + Main Gate
  • 2. Commerce District (Multiple Store Fronts/Shops)
  • 3. Town Guard Complex (Barracks + Training Yard )
  • 4. Brokkrshall (Forge&Shop)
  • 5. Arsenal
  • 6. Market Square & Library (Merchant Booths, Vendors, Cafe, Fountain, Benches)
  • 7. Minus Amphitheater
  • 8. Pour House Tavern
  • 9. Bath House
  • 10. Sleeping Larl Inn & Gant's Table
  • 11. Town Hall + Public Gardens
  • 12. Medical Hall
  • 13. Stadium (+Field of Swords, Range & Race Track)
  • 14. The War Academy Skyhold/tarn cotes
  • 15. The East gate (used by the War Academy)
  • 16. The War Academy (barracks, lecture halls, stables, etc)
  • 17. Chloe's Slaver House
  • 18. House Herennius
  • 19. S&S Imports
  • 20. Rented Warehouses
  • 21. Builders Complex
  • 22. Perfume House + Tertius' Residence
  • 23. High Caste Neighbourhoods ( + Administrator's Residence & Golden Dina Brothel)
  • 24. Low Caste Neighbourhoods + Businesses
  • 25. Charred Ruins of the Initiates Temple (damaged in the fighting to liberate Minus >.>)
  • 26. Long Wall + River Docks (Kneeling Tatrix Tavern + Warehouses)
  • 27. The Shantytown (map below)

Map of the Shantytown outside Minus (#27 on Town Map):
Posted Image
Other maps of Local Area & Gor

Map of Gor 1 | Map of Gor + Roads | Map of Local Area I | Map of Local Area II
The second map is not exactly to scale but gives a general view of the area and landscape. Note that Minus is in fact situated between waterways and the Voltai Mountains to the east. Venna to the north is approx 200 pasangs from Minus. (pasang = approx .7 mile/approx 1 km).

Minus does have river docks but the Verl River and its tributaries are smaller than the Vosk, so smaller, shallower vessels such as fishing boats, merchant vessels and river galleys are the only craft that can safely navigate the river. Tarnships cannot navigate the river let alone dock there. At this time Minus does not have a river fleet either.

  • Be aware the town has changed since we left to winter in Lydius. Per the expansion projects that we funded before the exodus the town walls have expanded around the Field of Swords which now features a stadium. A wall also connects the town to the river docks so in times of siege or attack we may move between these two locations via the wall.
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Town Scribe
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Minus Pulldown List & Locations
The pulldowns are colour coded according to the districts and areas they are located in.
[ Refer to map above ]

-[ Approaching Minus ]-
Verl Towers & River
Red River Ferry Crossing
Ferry Road to Minus
Northern District
Town Gate
Guard Barracks
Central Avenue
Slave Ring I
Side Street
Pour House Tavern
Pour House Annex
Central District: Town Square & Market
Town Square & Market
Outdoor Tables
Booths & Vendors
Slave Ring II
Animal Pens
Signe's Pottery Booth
The Medical Hall
The Minus Bath House
The Library of Minus (Also the Gant Statue & Larl Statue)
-[ Sleeping Larl Inn & Gant's Table ]-
Main Room
Guest Room
The Gant's Table
The Gant's Table Patio
-[ The Town Hall ]-
Hall Entrance & Front Steps
Main Chamber
Administrator's Office
Holding Cell
High Caste Chambers
Low Caste Chamber
Public Garden
- Stadium
- Field of Swords
- War Academy
- Amphitheatre
Western District
Western Side Street
Western Plaza
Slave Ring III
Western Walls
Blue Steel Weaponry
Chloe's Slaver House
Timotheus' Complex
House Herennius
S&S Imports
Southern District - Residential
Southern Side Streets
Slave Ring IV
Southern Alley
Southern Shop
Southern Walls
Erika's Residence
Kale's Residence
Liana's Residence
Rumor & Sigr
Ares & Synneva
Trei's Residence
House of Vorenus
Cimber's Residence
-[ The Golden Dina Brothel ]-
Main Rooms
Brothel Private Room
Owner's Office
Beyond the Walls
River Road
The Long Wall
Minus River Docks
-[ Kneeling Tatrix Tavern ]
KT Main Tavern
KT Ship's Belly
The Shantytown
Foothills Road
The Stonegate Winery
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Town Scribe
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The map of the local area has changed slightly:

- A location showing the stone lantern has been added.

- The Verl Tributary running east to the Voltai is now referred to as the Red River. The Winter run off from the Voltai Mountains (which are red) gives the waters a crimson tinge lasting several weeks of the year, thus the name. Also, it has been the scene of some intense battling in the past so some very superstitious locals claim it's the blood of the dead come to remind the living the cost of war and treachery.
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Town Scribe
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A new map has been added of the Shantytown located outside of Minus, situated near the river docks. The shantytown is inhabited mainly by Arians displaced by the previous Cosian Occupation of Ar but sometimes travelers passing through the area may find lodgings here. Although the occupation has since ended the people are slow to return to their home districts, some having nothing to return to at all after the violent revolt that overthrew Talena and her Cosian handlers destroyed sections of the city.

Many of the inhabitants have begun to fish the nearby Verl River in order to make a living and imagine the shantytown becoming a new village in the area, but others from the crime riddled lower districts of Ar have resisted adapting to this new lifestyle. Thus, petty crime in the area is often attributed to the shantytown and occasionally when merchants in Minus complain the town guard will sweep through, apprehending individuals or even destroying some of the shanties to encourage inhabitants into returning to Ar.

It is not a popular policy but the town cannot afford to resettle everyone.
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